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AOT- The Community
AOT- The Community
AOT- The Community is an example Whether you have a stand on the market or you sell waffles from your small truck, investment is reduced, schedules are less heavy and you can easily become your own boss. But do not forget to ask permission from the Community before you go! The public road belongs to everyone and it is the Committee on Economic, Rural and Tourist Affairs which issues or authorizes land use authorizations (AOT).

These authorizations are accompanied by a fee, very moderate, but which obviously must be paid. These rules are unfortunately too often circumvented, as the seven members of the commission chaired by Wende lCocks, vice-president in charge of economic development, observed after inventorying and updating the situation of the occupants Of the public domain, whether in lolos, on markets or for traveling activities. "Many of the occupants have many arrears, some for several years, and this can not last any longer. I decided to study one by one the cases of these people and the commission received them individually, in order to master all the files. From there, we advised them to put themselves in order and make a timetable with the treasury, "says Wendel Cocks.

And this method works, even if everyone does not play the game. Example: this operator of lolo who had never asked for the renewal of his AOT and must 17 000 € to the Collectivity. Since he has still not responded, his case will be dealt with by the litigation department, which will have no choice but his expulsion. "The community has lost enough money and we have allowed everyone time to put themselves in order," said the elected official, who believes that his role is also to set an example: "elected officials must be demanding : How can we expect everyone to pay his taxes if we do not regularize a situation that has been going on for years? "The illegal occupiers, for their part, were ordered to leave the premises.

The AOTs of the restaurants and other fixed structures on the Orient Bay are delivered by the Sustainable Development Cluster. In 2012 brief 261 applications or renewals of AOT have been examined 166 AOT have been granted by the Executive Council:

>> 91 on the tourist market

>> 18 on the fruit and vegetable market

>> 1 butchery

>> 5 for sale bins

>> 22 out-of-market

>> Local 13

>> 4 terraces

>> 12 other requests

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