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Address by Mrs Ramona Connor Vice - Pr
Address by Mrs Ramona Connor Vice - Pr
Madame President,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Ladies and Gentlemen, territorial officials,

You all, actors of the local life in its diversity so rich, partners and citizens attentive to the present and the future of our community,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I rise before you today to extend my best wishes for this year 2016.

They represent for me, a moment of meaning and sharing, a symbol of our democracy that some people have dramatically wished to be hurt in the course of these last tragic months.

Our people, by their great diversity, illustrate the spirit of tolerance that underpins our values, by which everyone can and must take his place.

This year 2016 will be decisive for the portfolio of solidarity that I have the honor to serve since my investiture.

You all know my struggle and my total commitment to carry out on a daily basis the ambitious files that will contribute to improve living together in Saint Martin.

Social cohesion can not be decreed, it is built with respect for the great balance between the economic and the human. The policy just right that I defend involves every effort to ensure that public vulnerable by addiction, disability, abuse, illness, unemployment receive support and legitimate support. It also implies that everyone is an actor in his or her life and actively contributes to the general interest.

In 2015, we achieved two key victories in the reform of the RSA Which inexorably, like a magnet, aspires in an endless spiral the bulk of our recipes. It was necessary to have the courage, even the temerity to say stop to the iniquity, the abuses and the frauds. The French government, without a solution to bring us, recognized by Law No. 2015-1268 from 14 2015 October updating the law overseas, our legitimacy to adapt the legislation on the RSA.

The board of state meeting on November 20 2015 recognized the validity of the decision of the Territorial Council in October 2014 30% of taxation with the RSA as of 1er January 2015.

Very soon, I will introduce a resolution in the Territorial Council which will specify the elements of the reform, notably with a tightening of conditions for access and the demonetization of benefits that will help strengthen the local economic development.

The training program for Future controllers Which will be on the job as early as next February 4 to combat fraud, has been formalized.

Social policy projects are based on shared diagnoses and an ambitious political vision. It is this framework of interactions, convergence and institutional diversity that The new city contract Recently signed. For my part, I would like all of the division's divisions to contribute to this through a significant increase in their presence in priority neighborhoods. Accessibility to the public service of their populations, with which we must forge relations of reciprocity and co-production to create alongside the other Poles of Collectivity, this local development indispensable. Parenting, prevention, memory workshops, assistance to caregivers, housing assistance ... are the identified themes that will serve as leverage.

In the area of ​​social inclusion and housing competence, a new body has been set up to prevent the payment of rent and CTCAPEX (Territorial Coordinating Committee for Actions to Prevent Evictions) Where elected officials, state, CAF, landlords and associations of tenants defense.

Finally, next February 1, we will sign a convention for the setting up of a Micro-credit scheme With the CDC and the post office, which will give access to credit for a previously excluded category of households such as precarious employees, as part of a validated personal or professional project.

In the field of autonomy, I can testify to a real dynamics of our approach of raising awareness and I will mention in this regard and in a non exhaustive way the success of the Symposium on Alzheimer's Disease And related diseases that met with rich contributions and meetings as well as the blue week under the theme of health " Health is in the air».

I will always support these major causes that pose a challenge to public health.

In this regard, allow me to rejoice with you on the successful outcome of our efforts, obtained before Christmas, in the litigation that threatened to deprive our Saint-Martin beneficiaries of the resourcesASPA (Elderly Solidarity Allowance).

Finally, in The Adaptation of the Society to Aging Act (ASV) Adopted on 28 december induces major changes that I will have to diligently integrate into our local policy insofar as they will induce progress.

With regard to the policy of people with disabilities, training periods have been considerably reduced; They are one and a half months on average while we observe delays from 6 to 8 months in the other departments. This is a real breakthrough in disability compensation.

The Medico-Social Pole Project, The pivotal action of our autonomy policy has just been adopted unanimously, as you know, in territorial council. I continue to defend this project fiercely through the search for funding.

In the area of ​​children and families, The staff of the former MDE antenna were integrated into a new DEF service, the STEMO (Open Educational Service), bringing together the EDA (Educational Aid at Home) and the AEMO (Educational Aid in an Open Environment) to strengthen prevention and protection at home.

Two important projects will complement the existing mechanisms to better respond to the specific situations in which the community, leader, must answer administratively and judicially; a Intensive Educational Service at Home (SEID) et A double enabling educational home Social Assistance for Children and Judicial Protection of Youth in partnership with the State.

This latter structure is called upon to settle in the premises to be rehabilitated and left vacant by the gendarmerie.

The CRIP, The 99% reporting cell, has confirmed in 2015 its effectiveness and its essential role in the identification and evaluation of information of concern to children at risk.

Its action will be complemented by the creation of a Observatory for the Protection of Children, An essential strategic tool in the definition and monitoring of local policies for the protection of children

In the field of health, the community that has set up a new health and prevention department is proactive.

End 2015, a first Review of the CLS Was drawn up with the ARS.

Start 2016, markets for installation Of sports courses of health for the general public Will be launched.

The Espace Santé Jeunes, Flagship project of Youth Health Plan In the field of access to the law, the fight against addictions and risky behavior was inaugurated in December.

En SMEs, The fight against overweight and obesity was apprehended at the level of the very young children through a sensitization of the parents because it is as soon as it is necessary indeed to act.

In the direction of adults, we support the combined action of various associations such as SXM Santé which works effectively against diabetes

In the specific missions of the PMI, the recruitment of a doctor at the beginning of the 2015 year enabled the implementation of a More regular control of early childhood structures For which we also bring Technical support.

Un Massage therapist "Mother-child" was created to strengthen the maternal relationship and well-being; It is part of the program of actions around parenthood and will continue in 2016.

Medical visits were also scheduled during the 2016 year for all nursery schools that will contribute Early detection of various disorders in children.

You will understand that the 2015 year was a pivotal year and 2016 will be marked by the realization of the initiated projects; Both by improving daily life through increased proximity and transversality, and by continuing the major structuring projects called to repair a failing policy of yesterday and to modify considerably for tomorrow the accompaniment and reception of the different Vulnerable groups.

This is my priority and is the foundation of an inter-generational and plural solidarity of our territory.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff of the Pôle Solidarité et Famille who work with me to carry out our projects and wish them all the best. Since June 2015, they benefit from a new space then spacious and adapted, it was my wish and I am happy to have been able to contribute to the improvement of their working conditions. I do not forget that there is still progress to be made in MSF; This is a work in progress.

I would also like to thank all the institutional partners who contribute, in complementarity, to the realization of our respective actions or policies.

The elected members of the Solidarity cluster who support me in my work.

Lastly, I would like to pay special tribute to the essential work of the associations involved, which work generously in the general interest and the welfare of others.

I would like to make the following statement by Françoise Dolto:

«Every human group takes its wealth in communication, mutual aid and solidarity aimed at a common goal; Respect for differences. "

All my best wishes for happiness, health and prosperity to all.

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