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Inauguration ceremony ?? Saint-Martin
Inauguration ceremony ?? Saint-Martin
President Daniel Gibbes officially invested with executive powers
The ceremony of transfer of power between the old and the new majority took place on Sunday 02 April 2017, at the hotel of the community of Saint-Martin. President Daniel Gibbes received the symbolic keys of the community from the 1er outgoing vice-president, Mr. Guillaume Arnell, who represented President Aline Hanson, outside the territory at the time of the ceremony. The new President received his official scarf from the hands of the former Mayor of St. Martin, Sir Albert Fleming, in front of a crowd of guests, including dignitaries from Sint Maarten, Anguilla, and Guadeloupe.
The ceremony began with the establishment of the first Territorial Council of the Mandate, composed of 23 councilors elected by universal suffrage for 5 years (2017-2022). Once installed, the Territorial Council elected the four vice-presidents who will exercise authority alongside President Daniel Gibbes. Mrs. Valérie Damaseau was elected Vice-President, Mr. Yawo Nyuiadzi, Vice-President, Annick Petrus XNUM, Vice-President and Mr. Steven Patrick, Vice-President. President Gibbes and his four Vice-Presidents are de facto members of the Executive Council. The Assembly elected Ms. Marie-Dominique Ramphort (TG1) and Mr. Louis Mussington (Alliance MJP-Hope) as members of the Executive Council, bringing to 2 the number of active members of this Assembly.
It should be noted that the Territorial Council will meet on a bimonthly basis to decide on the major projects of the community (taxation - transport - roads - tourism - town planning, etc.), while the Executive Council will meet weekly to decide on (Miscellaneous aid - work in progress - miscellaneous opinions, etc.).
Once the Territorial Council was officially empowered, President Daniel Gibbes went to the pulpit to deliver his general policy speech to the population (see speech attached). This speech on the political line and the major orientations of the next five years reflects the President's firm determination to build his political action on the economic development of the territory, with as a guide his campaign slogan "Together, it is time to 'to act! Together it's time to act! ".
"I will not be the president of unpreparedness and approximations: to build solid foundations, I need accurate data and reliable statistics," Daniel Gibbes said in support of his decision to lead the first ten months of Its mandate, three internal audits: financial, institutional, organizational.
Regional co-operation, particularly with Sint-Maarten, will be at the heart of the political action of the new mandate, as will the tax reform that President Gibbes has been calling for for many years. "We will put in place all the instruments that will allow us to promote investment and purchasing power, in a spirit of responsibility," he insisted.
The President had not failed to mention the issue of education and the necessary adaptation of education to local specificities, as was the importance of vocational training, which were indispensable tools in the training of our Youth and the fight against unemployment.
The security of the territory was also the subject of a message reassuring to the population. The president mentioned the opening of auxiliary stations of the territorial police in Sandy-Ground and Quartier d'Orléans, the establishment of local brigades on foot or by bicycle, a unit dedicated to securing sites As well as a brigade-relay "tranquility" which will act in connection with the police forces throughout the territory. The President also said he would strengthen the video surveillance system, as well as police cooperation with Sint Maarten "on issues related to the security of all islanders". "Delinquency and crime do not stop at our dematerialized borders: we must combine our forces to contain them," he said.

As early as Monday, 03, April, as he began his first day in office, President Daniel Gibbes undertook a multi-day visit by the Community Services, where he took the time to meet with the territorial staff, and To present his project of society for Saint-Martin.

The President followed by the usual meetings with local institutions (ARS - CESC - CCISM, etc.), he will travel to Guadeloupe in April for a first contact with representatives of regional and departmental institutions. On Saturday 15 April 2017, President Gibbes will preside over his 2 Territorial Council, which will debate exclusively on the community's 2017 primitive budget.

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President Daniel Gibbes officially entrusted with his executive powers The ceremony of transfer of power between the old and the new majority took place on Sunday 02 April 2017 at the hotel of the community of Saint Martin. President Daniel Gibbes received the symbolic keys of the community from the 1er outgoing vice-president, Mr. Guillaume Arnell, who represented President Aline Hanson, outside the territory of the ...
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