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Christmas Experience: Launch of the festivities
Christmas Experience: Launch of the festivities
Christmas Experience is a new event created by the community of Saint-Martin. The public is invited to share this evening of celebration, Sunday 27 November 2016, from 17 hours, on the Waterfront of Marigot. Christmas Experience will mark the launch of the Christmas celebrations.

Focused on tradition and sharing, Christmas Experience will open the festive Christmas season on our territory. As in the good old days, the different districts of Saint-Martin will then take over and organize Christmas celebrations throughout the month of December.
For this launching night, the community of Saint-Martin has chosen to make a place of choice for the traditional choirs, which have always animated the Christmas of yesteryear in Saint-Martin.
The evening will begin with an opening ceremony, presided over by President Aline HANSON, during which the Christmas tree will be illuminated on the waterfront and illuminated street decorations.
The famous "Gunslingers" will perform the musical show alongside the traditional choirs that will present their performances to the public. Three choirs are part of the festival: the choir of the Catholic Church of Marigot, the Zamar M Production band and choir, and the Bell Band and Choir.
The Christmas of yesteryear will have put on its beautiful colors, to the delight of the public Saint-Martin, who loves to perpetuate the tradition and to find the legendary friendliness of the holidays.

The community of Saint-Martin invites you to participate in the official launch of the magic Christmas period during the Christmas Experience, a unique and authentic experience, on 27 November 2016, on the Marigot Waterfront, From 17h to 21h30. Come and see!

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