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Report of the Council ex
Report of the Council ex
The Executive Council of the community of Saint-Martin meets weekly to deliberate on the day-to-day business of the Community.

The Community funds the travel of a Saint-Martin delegation to the Rencontres Jeunes et Patrimoine outre-mer
At the sitting of Tuesday 8 September 2015, the deliberative assembly voted to take charge of the removal of a Saint-Martin delegation to the 2015 XNUMX Youth and Overseas Heritage Meeting.

This support consists of financing the costs of staying for a group of 8 young people and 2 accompanying persons, in the amount of 2500 euros, so that they represent the community at the Encounters of the Foundation of Youth and Heritage of Overseas. The purpose of this trip is essentially to make the participants aware of the issues and the problems of the architectural and cultural heritage of Saint Martin.

A space of 328m2 made available to the DAC to store the archaeological furniture
At the same session of 8 September, the Executive Council authorized the President of the Territorial Council to sign an agreement for the provision of space within the Médiathèque and Territorial Archives building for the archaeological deposit of the state. The area where previously stored archaeological remains in the territory of Saint-Martin had become inadequate (70m2 in the former prison of Marigot), this new convention makes available to the State (DAC) a Space of 328m2 located in the building of the Médiathèque and the Territorial Archives, Concordia. Taking into account the increase in archaeological furniture in the light of future excavations linked in particular to the legislation on preventive archeology and the willingness of the DAC to add a study area to it, the estimated area requirements are: The order of 300m2. This new space has been awarded for a period of ten years.

Exceptional assistance to the Pelicarus association
At the 15 meeting in September 2015, the Executive Council decided to grant exceptional assistance to the Saint-Martin-Pelicarus association to finance its participation in the Overseas Students Campus, organized in the Ministry of Overseas Commemoration of the 11 November in the Netherlands.

The campus overseas aims to inform young overseas students in studies in the hexagon. The Pelicarus association also helps young Saint-Martin students to settle in metropolitan France, assisting them in their endeavors. The association will also participate in the commemoration of the 11 November in the Netherlands. This event will allow exchanges with sister associations of the Dutch side.

The Executive Board therefore decided to grant exceptional aid to Pelicarus to finance these two events. The association will receive the sum of 5000 euros, of which 2500 euros for the participation to the campus overseas and 2500 euros for the celebration of 11 November in the Netherlands.

Appointment of Galisbay Omnisport Hall
Meeting in plenary on Tuesday 15 September 2015, the Executive Council decided to give a name to the Gymnasium Hall of Galisbay, which is being renovated and which will open its doors at the beginning of All Saints' Day. Since its construction, the sports hall has never received an official name. Following the same logic as the appointment of ten public schools officially announced on the 31 last August, it seemed appropriate to give a name to the sports hall, which is a sports meeting place used by many schools and associations. After the approval of the family, the Executive Council appointed the Matthew François Sports Hall. Matthew François, said Guédé, was a multi-sport athlete. Several times selected to represent Saint-Martin in the regional competitions, Matthew François also worked at several sports clubs on the island, among which Juniors Stars, Sporting Club or Peace Makers.

A leaflet on the prevention of major risks and relief measures
At the 15 meeting in September 2015, the Executive Board approved the contents of the Territorial Information Document on Major Hazards and the Prevention and Relief Manual. The Executive Board also approved the production of 40000 copies of this document which will also be posted on the Community website. The aim of this leaflet is to inform the public about the preventive measures and the instructions to be observed in case of major risks (cyclone, earthquake, tsunami).

The Executive Board approves the Road Master Plan
The first road master plan for the Saint Martin community was developed in 2005 and then updated to 2008 in view of the strong demographic trends. The roadmap has been redesigned in 2015. In general, it presents fewer road projects and focuses on the most feasible projects or sections of projects. It introduces two additional levels of programming, junctions and pavements reinforcements.

This new scheme is based on three levels:

A program for the construction of new roads, designed to structure the road network, improve traffic conditions and meet the servicing needs of the spatial planning sectors.

An intersection development program, designed to address safety and traffic flow problems

A program to strengthen existing roads, in order to ensure their sustainability.

Among the challenges of this road map, the improvement of the living environment is a priority of the Community. It is conditioned by an improvement in traffic conditions. The road master plan must also accompany urban development projects (real estate development, zac, etc.) and meet the diversification needs of the road network, which is experiencing peak traffic in the high tourist season.

The roadmap 2015 takes into consideration all these aspects and proposes solutions at several levels: construction of new roads, development of crossroads, reinforcement of the pavement.

The Executive Board approved the Road Master Plan and authorized the President to seek co-financing from the State and the European Union for the implementation of these projects

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