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Report of the d
Report of the d
The president of the community traveled to Paris in the last week of January, to continue negotiating with the government on aid for the reconstruction of Saint Martin.

Accompanied by the Director of Tourism, Stéphanie Bessière, the President Daniel Gibbs was first received in the ministries, in order to present the 2017-2027 tourism development strategy, validated by the territorial council, last November. The President was able to present the issues of tourism development and the needs of Saint-Martin at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Minister of Overseas and Atout France, the main operator in the promotion of French territory. The President was also accompanied by two hoteliers from the place he had invited to discuss issues and urgent needs in the field of hotel reconstruction.

Tuesday 23 January, meeting with Sports Minister Laura Flessel, has been constructive since it has announced financial support to the community for the reconstruction of sports infrastructure. The community wanted to bring its first efforts to the stadiums of Sandy Ground, Orleans and Marigot. In addition to the funds already available under the National Center for Sport Development (CNDS) and the donation of the French Football Federation (FFF), the Minister announced an additional envelope of 500000 euros arrowed by the Ministry for the reconstruction of sports facilities . The Minister also announced the availability of an officer of the Directorate of Sport to the community. Laura Flessel also supports the project of Center of Excellence through Sport supported by the community and its President, notably through the help of the UCPA training center which can provide logistical assistance to the community and partner associations, in the preparation of the project.

During this trip, President Gibbs also went to Bry-sur-Marne, Wednesday 24 January, where he met the Mayor Jean-Pierre Spilbauer to redefine the twinning convention. Youth, at the heart of the public policies of the two communities, is the guiding thread of this new convention project, culminating in sports, language and cultural exchanges between schools and young people in the two territories. This agreement will be the subject of an annual action plan, which will be prepared before the summer for an implementation in September.

The President thanked the elected officials and the population of Bry sur Marne, for their mobilization after Irma. The city provided logistical support to the Maison de Saint-Martin on the management of donations and grants to the community. In his vows, the mayor of Bry announced that his municipality had arrow the sum of 85000 euros on the reconstruction of schools Saint-Martin.

Thursday 25 January, the President went to Brussels at the meeting of European Commissioner Corina Crétu. The Commissioner must defend Saint-Martin, in his next meeting with Minister Mézard, in charge of Cohesion of the territories. It was therefore for President Gibbs to take stock of the available European envelopes. 49 million euros are planned on the reconstruction axis, for hurricanes Irma and Maria, the distribution between Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin will be in proportion to the damage (about 46 million for Saint-Martin).

Tuesday 30 January, the President met the Head of State in the presence of the Minister of Overseas, Annick Girardin, to take stock of the persistent issues in St. Martin, progress and priorities in reconstruction.

The President also recalled the financial challenges of rebuilding public infrastructure (roads, school and administrative buildings, network installations). President Macron has been made aware of the need to accelerate the reconstruction of public and especially school buildings. The President of the community reiterated that he did not want a discount for students in St. Martin.

By the 1er March, President Macron pledged that insurance benefits payments, abnormally low, be accelerated. We are currently only 20% disbursement, 200 million on a billion euros, four months after Irma (12% for hotels), this situation is "unacceptable", commented Emmanuel Macron.

The President of the Republic heard the request of the President of the Community of to protect aid from the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF), about 46 million euros arrow for St. Martin, to reimburse emergency expenses, including clearing.

The PPI and catch-up is being developedit will be finalized at the beginning of March and presented in broad outline, at the 12 2018 interministerial meeting. The Community will be able to benefit from the credits of the Big Investment Plan, in particular to accelerate the ecological transition. Public institutions in the community and local businesses will also be supported by Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.

The need to improve the statistical system was also recalled during this interview; solutions will be found with the government. President Macron also declared his support for structuring projects to improve the tourism offer and optimize the tax exemption system (on hotel demolition and renovation, in particular).

Finally, the President of the Republic emphasized the relevance of the initiative of President Gibbs with regard to the dematerialization of emergency aid (prepaid card Cohésia). This experience is intended to be generalized at the level of the RSA, in parallel with the renationalisation of this service.

Report of the d
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The president of the community traveled to Paris in the last week of January, to continue negotiating with the government on aid for the reconstruction of Saint Martin. Accompanied by the Director of Tourism, Stéphanie Bessière, the President Daniel Gibbs was first received in the ministries, in order to present the 2017-2027 tourism development strategy, validated ...
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