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25 Territorial Council June 2015
25 Territorial Council June 2015
Major projects of the mandate on the table of the territorial council

The Territorial Council of Saint-Martin met in plenary session on Thursday 25 June 2015. With a particularly detailed agenda on the eve of a long holiday, the elected representatives were asked to decide on major deliberations, such as the PLU project, the Marigot Bay project and the project Revitalization of the city center.

Assessment of the consultation and closure of the draft Local Urban Development Plan (PLU)

Decision 4 of the agenda concerned the PLU, the territorial advisers were asked to decide on the decision of the project which will be definitively proposed to the vote of the territorial assembly at the end of the 2015 year, After the mandatory public inquiry phase. The draft was stopped by majority votes, while the opposition voted against it.

As regards the genesis of the PLU in Saint-Martin, it was the municipal council that had implemented the revision of the Land Use Plan (POS) in 2007 towards a PLU project. The PLU project was then initiated under the previous mandate, and it is the 12 November 2013, under the current mandate, that the PLU was drawn up and with it the objectives and the modalities of the consultation. The planning and sustainable development project (PADD) is the central document of the PLU, it was elaborated and presented and discussed several times within the territorial council. The general orientations of the PADD were endorsed by the Council in November 2013.

A broad consultation on the PLU was set up by the Saint-Martin community: regular communication in the media, systematic publication of the PLU documents on the official website of the Collectivité, provision of PLU related documents at Sustainable Development Pole and in neighborhood councils. Numerous exchanges have also been initiated with landowners who want more information on the zoning of the PLU. The results of the concertation were presented to the elected representatives of the Territorial Council, while the latter had to decide on the decision of the draft PLU which will then be sent to the Associated Public Persons (PPA) for opinion in accordance with the law.

As stated by the 1er Vice-President Guillaume Arnell, who oversaw the PLU project, this project is built on the 2025-2030 horizon and is structured in three objectives:

- Sustainably organize the urban territory

- Enhancing the natural and built heritage

- Develop a local and diversified economy.

The purpose of this document is to lay the foundations for harmonious and structured development while protecting the territory from uncontrolled urbanization.

The PLU project, to which adaptations and modifications can be made according to the opinion of the PPA and the public inquiry, will then have to be approved by deliberation of the territorial council.

The Territorial Council adopts the guidelines for the development of Marigot Bay

Decision 5 of the agenda required elected officials to adopt the orientations of the Marigot Bay development project, which entered its operational phase at the beginning of 2014, under the impetus of President Aline Hanson and Of his group.

The main orientations chosen:

The creation of a basin of about 32 hectares with drafts ranging from 6 meters to 8.50 meters intended to accommodate inter-island traffic, 2 cruise ships of average cruising and 94 places dedicated to mini cruise

The creation of 21.5 hectares of land filled to receive the necessary infrastructure for the operation of the harbor, reception housing and public services.

The construction of a protective dam for the anticyclonic protection of the basin and the creation of an access channel.

Mega-yachts and average cruises (or grand cruise if the investors deem it appropriate), a hotel program (luxury hotel + business center), a theater (or congress center), A top-of-the-range residential program, the delivery of the station to the Community (or one hectare of land), and access to public spaces, were carried out by the Territorial Council.

In the first operational phase, the assistant to the contracting authority mandated by the Collectivité was responsible for drawing up the document on the development program of the bay, based on the elements chosen by the elected representatives, to propose to the Community The most appropriate planning procedures and to assist the Community in the technical, legal and financial fields.

This is an ambitious project for the territory, estimated at 255 M € with a concession of 50 years, for the only maritime and land investors. The "Grand Cruise" scenario was favored, with a dredging of 10.50m, which would induce for the concessionaire an extra cost of 97 M € compared to the initial scenario "Average cruise".

Relatively large room for maneuver will be left to the dealer, who will thus be able to optimize the profitability of his project. It will also be responsible for carrying out complementary environmental studies, public inquiry and consultation with the population. The preliminary procurement procedure will have a duration of 18 months, then 12 to 15 months to carry out the environmental procedures, and two years of work are to be envisaged for the realization of the infrastructures.

The majority of the RRR adopted the guidelines by voting, it accepted the contract for the concession of public works for the implementation of the project and authorized the President to initiate the procedure. UD opposition voted with one abstention, while Independent Councilor Charville voted against it.

The territorial council validates the first phase of the revitalization project of Marigot center

The 6 deliberation 25 June 2015 council concerned the validation of the diagnosis presenting the conclusions of the first phase of the study of revitalization of downtown Marigot.

The majority launched 2014 a major project to revitalize downtown Marigot, which has deteriorated over the years and which today needs to be rehabilitated. This is the objective of the Saint Martin Community, which wishes to involve the landowners in the downtown area in order to contribute to the renovation of their façades and the existing public funds to help them.

The state-of-the-art presented to the elected representatives testifies to the urgency to recreate an attractive urban dynamics, favoring the establishment of businesses and activities that are carrying jobs, reorganizing the circulation, creating new leisure offers , Developing cultural and tourist assets, and involving residents and merchants in the project. The aim is to bring all these actions together and to put them in a global project that will bring a new dynamic to the city center.

This diagnosis was thus adopted by the majority, the opposition abstained. From now on, the project will enter its second phase: the phase of action which will come to apply the orientations resulting from the state of the premises, with in the short term the cleaning of abandoned areas, the development of green spaces, Renovation of the heritage buildings and renovation of the façades, renovation of the Royal marina, and in the medium term enhancing public spaces, pedestrianizing certain streets, mobilizing the available land, opening the perspective of Port la Royale marina Or reconfiguration of the cemetery.

See the plan of the development

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