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Communiqué of the Collectivité: The Collectivité of Saint-Martin continues its actions of collection of Sargassum algae on its littoral, committed since the 14 April.
Since 5 days, pickup operations are underway in the bay of Cul-de-Sac, site with high concentration of Sargassum, especially in view of the Fish Day to be held on Sunday 6 May.
Given the strandings planned on the east coast of the island in the coming days, the Community is planning interventions on the beaches of Orient Bay, Galion and Lucas Bay in Oyster Pond.
In addition to the ongoing cleaning, the Collectivité is working to strengthen its resources through the acquisition of mechanized machinery for the collection of algae and the establishment of a new "green brigade". The association A-SIS Service, partner of this integration project, will thus put 25 young brigadiers at the service of the collection of Sargassum algae on the beaches of the community.
It is important to specify at this stage that the analyzes of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) did not identify any danger for the population, the hydrogen sulphide content being very low, or even zero, in the affected bays, and this despite the punctual presence of a strong smell.

370 - 2018-03-21
The Saint-Martin Youth Territorial Council and the Collège Mont des Accords school community invite the public to celebrate the 370th Anniversary of the Concordia Treaty This year, for the 370e commemoration of the Concordia Treaty, signed on the Mont des Accords on 23 March 1648, the Community of Saint-Martin and its Territorial Council of Youth (CTJ), in association with the school community of the College Mont des Accords of Marigot, propose a great morning ...
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Launch of the Sweat N 'Chill Friday'z event
Launch of the Sweat N 'Chill Friday'z event - 2018-03-14
Youth and sport: the Community of Saint-Martin launches a new animation! The Community of Saint-Martin sets up a new animation called Sweat N'Chill Friday'z. The first is held this Friday 16 March 2018 at 18h30 on the Marigot Waterfront. Come many! The Marigot seafront will be set up two Fridays a month until the end of June 2018, to provide sports and fun activities for the whole family (sports or beginners).
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F - 2017-07-05
President Daniel Gibbs and Mrs. Annick Pétrus, 3 Vice President in charge of Education, congratulate the public schools Clair St Maximin and Emile Larmonie, in particular the CM2 class of Mrs. Doressamy (Clair St Maximin school) and the class of CE1-CE2 of Mrs. Arnaud (Emile Larmonie School), distinguished, Wednesday 28 June 2017, in the framework of the national contest "Foot at school". This contest organized by the French Football Federation in partnership ...
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Inauguration of the Faces of Saint-Martin photographic exhibition
Inauguration of the Faces of Saint-Martin photographic exhibition - 2017-06-16
Mr. Daniel GIBBS, President of the Community of Saint-Martin, is pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition of photographs "Faces of Saint-Martin" Saturday 24 June 2017 to 16h30 Garden of the Hotel de la Collectivité A guided tour of five exhibition sites will be proposed at the end of the ceremony and will be followed by a cocktail in the garden of the hotel de la .. .
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The CTOS for
The CTOS for - 2017-04-03
The CTOS organizes an airy center during the 2017 Easter holidays. Opening of registration now ...
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School sport
School sport - 2016-12-09
What fun on the new stadium new Thelbert Carti! Indeed, 60 pupils of District of Orléans feast with the animators of Rugby Union and the USEP during 2ème Wednesday Olympic. The pupils were divided into several workshops offering different motor actions, passing, running, plating. We all enjoyed the potential that Quartier d'Orléans has on the sporting level. Olympic Wednesday has a very good ...
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One day
One day - 2016-12-05
The community of Saint-Martin organized from 21 to 26 November 2016, the week of the rights of the child echo to the international day dedicated to this cause the 26 November. It is a sports day that came to close this week of awareness, Saturday 26 November, after a week rich in events. Alain Gros-Désormeaux, the territorial council for sports, opened the sports festivities with a word of welcome ...
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Rambaud-St Louis in f
Rambaud-St Louis in f - 2016-05-17
President Aline Hanson and her executive were invited by the Rambaud-St Louis association to celebrate 15th anniversary of the Rambaud-St Louis festival on Sunday 2016 May 15. As tradition has it, it was under the great tamarind tree that the elected representatives of the community came to share the festivities with the population and spend a moment in ...
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