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The community honors 5 personalities of the national education, for their end of career!

On Thursday 13 July 2017, President Daniel GIBBS and Vice-President Annick PETRUS paid tribute to 5 personalities of the National Education, on their retirement. Having worked for the entire community, these 5 celebrities recognized and appreciated in Saint-Martin received a present from the community in honor of their journey in the service of the general interest.

At a cocktail reception hosted by the community of Saint-Martin at Sandy Ground MJC, Nadine DUCROCQ, Professor of Plastic Arts, Josseline PRUDENT, Director of Nina DUVERLY School and Louis FLEMING, Counselor Pedagogical Advisor In EPS, Daniel GUMBS, Principal of the Collège de Quartier d'Orléans and Frantz GUMBS, Principal of the Robert WEINUM School Hall, were praised for the quality of their professional career within the national education system and well beyond Their involvement in favor of the Saint-Martin community.

In his speech, President Daniel Gibbs highlighted the highlights of their lives as teachers and heads of institutions for three of them, not to mention the political journey of Frantz Gumbs, Louis Fleming and Daniel Gumbs, who were elected to the territory. President Gibbs also highlighted the many accomplishments of each of them for the support of our youth, whether in sport, community life, or extracurricular activities.

The President cited their journey as an example and wished them a retirement as rich and active as their professional life.

President's Speech - Retirement Start 2017

You are the artist of the band, I was told. Professor of Visual Arts who worked at the college Mont des Accords. I know that you have set up some very beautiful projects in Saint-Martin, notably through the Cazanova workshop with which you have fought against absenteeism and school violence, and tried to improve through dialogue and understanding the results Your pupils. I also know that the children appreciated your sweetness with them, so thank you on behalf of the community for the excellent work done on our territory. I wish you a very good retirement


Who does not know Madame Prudent! How do you say ? An iron hand in a velvet glove.
You arrived in Saint-Martin in 1984 to the direction of the kindergarten of Marigot, then of the school Nina DUVERLY. You, too, have organized numerous projects for Saint-Martin's students, including green classes, sea courses, and even snow, because you wanted to introduce new horizons to our young people. You have invested heavily in our territory, you have conveyed strong values ​​to several generations of Saint-Martin. For this, a big thank you from our institution.
I wish you a happy retirement and all the happiness you deserve.


As I read Evelyne Fleming's writings on the Rector's website, I learned that Chick was also nicknamed Richie by the older ones because his uncle had wanted to see him baptized Richard rather than Louis. It was once in school that Chick took over.
So Chick, you were promoted to the SMA of Guadeloupe, military in Tahiti, then teacher from 1974, appointed to the school of Seaside in 1980. Then you climbed the ranks, thanks to your skills and your human qualities.
Like me, you love the sport, especially Football and Handball, a discipline that you introduced to your students when you were a USEP delegate from 1976 to 1992.
Tonight, I would like to greet your involvement during more than 40 years in the service of our community. You have carried your stone to the building of our community, as your constant friend the President, I thank you wholeheartedly.


Daniel, you have also put your energy at the service of our youth, especially in the fight against school failure and absenteeism. Your sense of listening is no longer to be demonstrated. You have had a very good career thanks to your many qualities.
You started as an assistant teacher, then you passed the recruitment contest to teach in professional high school in 1982. You have finished your career in your stronghold of Quartier d'Orléans that you love so much. I know you are very proud to have hosted an unpublished experimentation of bilingual teaching in French and English, a source of wealth for us in Saint-Martin.
Personally, I would describe you as a quiet force. Thank you for your commitment to the service of our young people, very good retirement to French Quarter with yours.


Frantz, you have a model career in national education. You took your first steps as a teacher in Guadeloupe, but you finally came back to your native land to continue your commitment. You also climbed the posts with a disconcerting ease to finish the position of headmaster of the School City. You have been involved in the Saint-Martin community in the service of your fellow citizens. The party committee, the Rotary club, among others ... and of course the politics that will be part of your life as soon as 2001, like me besides.

In 2003, you were a member of the popular consensus in favor of the new status, then we won the elections in 2007 and you became President of the Territorial Council in 2008. We have not always been on the same wavelength at the political level, but our mutual respect has always persisted and is what matters today.

I would like to pay tribute tonight to your magnificent journey as a man, and I wish you an excellent retreat. I have no doubt that it will be as rich and lively as your professional life.


Through this intervention, above all, I wanted to express to you, on behalf of my majority, our sincere and heartfelt thanks for everything you brought to our island, the Saint-Martin families, whose children were built thanks to you.

We wish you all the best for your new life, and still live beautiful projects and happiness shared with those around you.
Again, a thousand thanks on behalf of the community of Saint-Martin.

Merci de votre attention.

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