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Traveling Cuba
Present at the 7th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States (AEC), which was held at the Palace of the Revolution of Havana in Cuba, from 02 to 04 June 2016, President Aline HANSON was very honored with the reception Reserved for the community of Saint-Martin within the ACS.

Indeed, on Thursday 02 June, the accession of Saint-Martin as an associate member of the ACS in its own name, was unanimously ratified by the member countries.
"Supported by the French Republic and the member states, the request for accession in own name filed by the Collectivity of Saint Martin was very well received," welcomed the President.
Aline HANSON traveled to Cuba with the French delegation composed of the French ambassador to Cuba, Jean-Marie BRUNO, Véronique BERTILE, French ambassador for regional cooperation in the Antilles-Guyane zone and Hédi PICQUART, Ambassador of France In Trinidad and Tobago. Marie-Luce PENCHARD, 2e Vice-President of the Guadeloupe region and Alfred MARIE-JEANNE, President of the territorial collectivity of Martinique, were also present.
On the sidelines of the summit, the French delegation was invited to the French Embassy by Ambassador Jean-Marie BRUNO, who wished to meet with the Presidents of the French Caribbean communities. Earlier in the day, AEC Secretary General Alfonso Munera received a "standing ovation" at the Palais de la Revolution, following the presentation of his report at the head of the General Secretariat since 2012.

On Friday 03 June, member states validated the Havana Declaration and the new ACS Action Plan for the 2016-2018 period. During this summit, the AEC focused its efforts on cooperation, with the common goal for member states to intensify political dialogue by coordinating their actions more closely.

On Saturday 04 June, during the meeting for Heads of State and Government, Cuban President Raoul Castro welcomed Saint Martin's accession to the ACS. Focused on promoting the sustainable development of the Greater Caribbean, the 7 summit of the ACS was a success for the participants, mainly because of its ability to strengthen ties between the Caribbean states and its contribution to the process of revitalization of the Caribbean. the association.

Aware of the stakes of economic cooperation in the greater Caribbean, President Aline HANSON was very attached to the accession of Saint Martin in her own name. The Saint Martin community, along with Martinique and Guadeloupe, which have been associate members since April 2014, will now be able to participate directly in the political reflections of the ACS and thus inscribe the territory in the commercial, tourism and protection actions Against natural hazards, which will be initiated at the Caribbean level.

Saint-Martin in the heart of the coop
Saint-Martin in the heart of the coop - 2016-05-19
President Aline Hanson received on Thursday 19 May 2016, the 2e Vice-President of the Guadeloupe Region Marie-Luce Penchard, the territorial adviser of Guyana Jocelyn Ho-Tin-Noe, the 1er Minister of Sint Maarten William Marlin and Its ministers of Health and Public Works Emil Lee and Angel Mayers, in the framework of the presentation of the achievements of Saint-Martin co-financed with the European program Interreg Caraïbes IV (2007-2013). In the presence of the territorial advisers, the ...
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R - 2016-05-02
On Friday 29 April 2016, the Presidents of the Ultra Peripheral Regions (RUP) of Europe were received in Brussels by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Guillaume Arnell, 1er Vice-President of the overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin represented President Aline Hanson at this meeting. The delegation of the nine Presidents of the ORs, led by President Machado Albuquerque of Madeira, ...
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R - 2016-04-25
Marigot, on Monday 25 April 2016: Regional Counselor for Regional Cooperation, Mr. Louis Fleming, visited the neighboring island of St Kitts on 21 April 2016, where the 4 meeting of the roundtable was held Thedevelopmentof Caribbean territories. This meeting was organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), which is one of the five regional commissions ...
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Conf - 2016-04-13
The Community of St. Martin at the Regional Cooperation Conference in Guyana The territorial adviser Louis Fleming, in charge of cooperation, and the territorial councilor Jeanne Vanterpool-Rogers, in charge of tourism, represented the community of Saint-Martin at the 12th regional cooperation conference between Antilles and Guyana From 31 March to 1er April 2016, in Guyana. Hosted by the President of the ...
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Visit Ambassador AEC Alphonso Munera
Visit Ambassador AEC Alphonso Munera - 2016-04-11
At the invitation of President Aline HANSON, the Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Ambassador Alphonso MUNERA, visited Saint-Martin, from Wednesday 06 to Saturday 09 April 2016, For a visit of the territory as part of the process of accession of Saint-Martin to the ACS. During the meeting with the elected officials of the community, on Thursday 07 April, the ambassador was welcomed by President Aline HANSON, ...
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Protocol Meeting Ambassador of India
Protocol Meeting Ambassador of India - 2016-02-27
President Aline Hanson and Senator Guillaume Arnell received the Excellency the Ambassador of India to France, Mr. Mohan Kumar, on Saturday, 27 February 2016, on his first visit to Saint Martin. The Ambassador was accompanied by the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, ​​Mr. Jaswal and three members of the Association of Indians of St. Martin, represented by its President, Mr. Pradeep Sadarangani. This exchange ...
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Accession of the COM of Saint-Martin to the ACS
Accession of the COM of Saint-Martin to the ACS - 2016-01-22
Saint-Martin, the 18 January 2016:Represented by the territorial adviser Louis Fleming, in charge of cooperation, our overseas collectivity participated in the 21th ordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), the 18 and 19 January 2016, in Petion-Ville in Haiti. Integrated into Caribbean organizations, the community of the Caribbean is ...
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Meeting Ambassador Coop
Meeting Ambassador Coop - 2015-11-06
Mr Louis Fleming, Regional Counselor for Regional Cooperation, received in the Community on Wednesday 04 November 2015, Mrs Véronique Bertille, Ambassador Delegate for Regional Cooperation Antilles Guyana. A meeting of courtesy, in which key topics of regional cooperation were discussed. Named the 1er October 2015 ambassador of regional cooperation in the West Indies Guyana - a position that is ...
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