Community News
- Registration to get tarpaulins is open on 4 sites from 8h to 12h from Monday to Friday:

- Hotel of the community in Marigot
- A. Hanson School at Sandy Ground
- Elie Gibs Grand Case School
- Ecole Clair St Maximin in QO

- 6 water distribution points are currently open in the neighborhoods, there will be 11 from Sunday 24.

- Distribution of commodities continues at the 6 regular points until Friday 29 September, from 8h30 to 13h: SG (basketball field), parking Vanterpool stadium, parking Dormoy Rambaud, Grand Case basketball field, Chevrise, Market QO. The distribution will be from 30 September, exclusively reserved for families in difficulty identified by the Pole Solidarity and Families of the community.

- Cleaning: 90% of main axes cleared. Work continues over the weekend to finish the job. It is important for the population to separate garbage and bulky waste to facilitate the work of cleaning crews.

- The commercial flights resumed in Grand Case this Saturday. The return to normal is done gradually, it is now possible to buy air tickets to leave the territory.

- Back to School organized, the Human Pole always counts students who wish to return to Saint Martin. Census of 8h to 12h from Monday to Friday (old school Seaside). The community prepares the schools for the school year, and it is only when the schools are ready, the logistics of reception of the pupils in place, that the re-entry can take place. It will take some day to finalize this work. The President has made the re-entry its priority, with a focus on examination classes. It works in collaboration with the rectorate, the rector will inform the date of re-entry.

- The Collectivity and the National Service announce the cancellation of the DC Day of Defense and Citizenship scheduled on Wednesday 27 September at the MJC Sandy Ground. The youth will be convened at a later date.

SOS Attitude village tents
SOS Attitude village tents - 2017-09-22
The President of the Community of Saint Martin, Mr Daniel GIBBS, invites those who wish and who can come to the NGO "SOS ATTITUDE"At the entrance to the Orleans neighborhood (Service Station level on the National Road) to volunteer to help set up tents where homeless families will be sheltered following the hurricanes. The teams of SOS ATTITUDE are easily spotted ...
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Device set up by BRED GUADELOUPE NORTH ISLANDS - 2017-09-21
Device set up by BRED GUADELOUPE NORTH ISLANDS since Friday 8 September 2017: Implementation of an emergency number communicated to all our customers via SMS: the 09 69 36 28 45 can be reached from Monday to Friday from 5h to 17h and Saturday from 5 h to 13 h Accompanying device for our private, business and corporate clients: 1/ Agreement in all cases for setting up a no-cost franchise ...
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