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Speeches Guillaume Arnell
Speeches Guillaume Arnell
The Prefect,

Madame President,

Mr Deputy, dear parliamentary colleague,

Ladies and Gentlemen Vice-Presidents,

Ladies and Gentlemen, Territorial Advisers,

Ladies and Gentlemen Deputy Directors-General, Directors and Heads of Service,

The representative of the EESC

Mr President of the CESC,

Mr President of the CCISM,

The representative of the Rector,

Mr. Inspector of National Education,

Madam the Payer,

The Commander of the Gendarmerie

Mr. Commander of the PAF,

The Commander of Customs

Mr. Chief of the Territorial Police,

Mr. President of the Tribunal,

Mr. Delegate of the Prosecutor,

Ladies and Gentlemen, community business leaders,

Ladies and Gentlemen, territorial officials,

Ladies and gentlemen, representatives of the print, audio and television press,

Ladies and Gentlemen, in your ranks and qualities,

A year ago, almost day by day, in this very place, we were, with a few exceptions, all united for the traditional celebration of the wishes of the executive.

And then, in the light of Charlie Hebdo's tragic events, I reminded how our grief was immense and how much we were in communion with the French nation, but above all because we are a part of it, when our country was in danger. 'We were too.

Unfortunately, the story was repeated in November 2015 and this in an even more violent way.

So how do not be again, in communion with all those and all those who suffer, who mourn the loss of a relative or friend, a loved and for which all too soon, the march of time has stopped.

Thus, instinctively, my first words will be first to express to this fringe of our population that at this moment we think of them, and that the forces of good will always be superior to the forces of evil.

You have been unjustly removed from life, and as such we have a duty not to forget you.

I also want to have an emotional thought for all the families that 2015 leave bruised and I want to cite especially the families RICHARDSON, LAKE and HANSON and you express our sincere condolences while reassuring you that your pain is also mine, since a friend of my family is gone, but also a person of my generation because in a few days I will celebrate my 58 years and Bernadine she had just caress her 59 years.

I also want to have, at this moment, a thought for those who suffer, the sick, the excluded, the expatriates, the homeless, the unemployed, the forsaken, the forgotten and I form the wish they find at the beginning year of new hope, believe and strength, tenacity, desire and willingness to get out and that the authorities do not forget to include them and to include them in their programs.

Let me now, as a facilitator of sustainable development and transport, revisit with you very quickly the 2015 year.

In terms of the environment and the environment:

I want as I always do every year, spend a few moments to to honor the craftsmen of the shadows and acknowledge the work of the entire team for both the constant struggle that is delivered daily to the preservation Quality environment and an improved living environment.

I must also pay tribute to the work of our partner companies: CITEC, VERDE, EMBELLISSEMENT Routiers, ECO Emballages, but also all of our service providers.

In terms of accomplishments how not to cite:

- Our partnership renewed and amplified by the signing of a new performance agreement for the collection and selective sorting.

Let us be proud of the st martin case.

- Regular program of mowing and pruning of the approaches our roads.

- The establishment of additional voluntary contribution points,

- The management of the Sargasso in partnership with all the other actors

- VHU management in partnership with ADEME and VERDE SXM

- The design and maintenance of the garden of the community

- The allocation and monitoring of labor market integration for the cleaning of roads and the market

For transportation

On the theme of achievements we must mention:

- Corrections and improvements in the organization and management of code and conduct review sessions.

- New licenses issued today with a monthly frequency.

- The finalization of the exchanges of permits: to date no more pending files.

- Full ownership of the bus station by road users and transporters.

- The installation of several new bus stops throughout the territory.

- Rehabilitation of the Taxi Stand on the waterfront.

To name but a few examples ...

However, this work should not mask a number of difficulties relating to the lack of adherence of certain carriers to the basic rules of courtesy and sharing of the road network with other users I want to mention: nuisance stops, illegal transporters But also a recurring difficulty in cooperation not with a lack of will but with a lack of stability at the level of our interlocutors.

The gendarmes assume and contribute greatly to the improvement of road safety, our territorial police can and must better, do they are able and the population wants to see more efficiency, more firmness, more reactivity.

I would like to believe that the new partnership agreement signed between the police and the territorial police will make it possible to optimize our means in favor of a better grid of the territory, a better efficiency and a better harmonization of our means of fighting against all Forms of incivility.

But that presupposes, and I turn to you, Madam Prefect, and to you, Major MANZONI, for there to be no guardianship, but a profound mutual respect, reciprocal and above all a true complementarity.

Mr. Fleming, you, who are leading this direction at my side, would like to thank you for the excellence of our relations and your involvement.

And then, to you, Mrs Hughes, who manages this transport department on a daily basis, I would also like to thank you and your team for the achievement of our objectives.

Many projects are still outstanding but I do not doubt for a moment that we can not start them and make them happen.

A particular mention for the service of the titles, which had to face the requirements, the bad moods of the citizens and, the slowness of procedures.

Be here publicly thankful for having managed, often in extremely difficult conditions but today the delay is totally absorbed and we work to offer you as soon as possible more functional premises and better working conditions.

Major Risk Management

The year 2015 saw the finalization of the DITRIM and the provision of plates in both languages ​​on the pipes to be held in case of major risks.

The end of 2015 also saw the installation of a tide gauge station allowing us in real time to measure the variations in the level of sea rise and to prevent possible tsunamis.

I can not overlook the effective management in partnership with the services of the prefecture of the management of the relief funds following Hurricane Gonzalo.

The arrival of an additional agent now allows us to focus on all public buildings in terms of safety and upgrades.

Risk management has also been a key partner in the management of sargasso algae.

It is a service in the making and we are better equipped than yesterday I believe, to meet our obligations and climatic phenomena.

Spatial planning, urban planning and addressing

2015 saw the continuation of the remobilization of the team, the quality of work has improved remarkably, our deadlines are now respected.

All this new dynamic allowed us to write, and vote our urban planning code in force since 1er March 2015.

The local plan was about to be finalized in September 1 2015er had unexpectedly a lack of public support resulting in a judgment of the public inquiry procedure.

I want to express my disappointment with regard to my involvement in this issue, my time spent on exchanges and above all my ambition and my desire to equip this territory with a tool for sustainable planning and management.

But as a man of listening and dialogue as I am, it has been impossible for me not to hear the voices of those from whom I derive my legitimacy.

There is no rancor, just the feeling that, to remobilize on this file will require a little time too, I turn to you the prefect to benefit from a little indulgence on your part but one thing is Sure, this reform will have to be done.

Will continue to regularize the management issue and sale of not geometric 50 but you are aware that it is a complicated issue that deserves attention and caution at all times.

But I want to remind also, that there have been more 250 notifications and to date not a single financial regularization.

The price is not always the blocking factor, we have to restore our priorities.

We can not on one side demand speed, efficiency and low prices and on the other when finalizing there is no one in front.

The management of the public domain improves, a systematic control of all authorizations is put in place, to compel the occupants to respect the authorized limits and the freedom of movement.

To do this a sworn police officer was recruited.

Contrary to what can be heard here and there, and in spite of a desire for political recovery, the day before yesterday, yesterday and today we proceed to the signing of the Temporary occupation authorizations for the carbets of the eastern bay and alone Three or four contracts have not yet been signed.

This is an undeniable success and I thank the petitioners for their patience and understanding of us.

Lastly, the acquisition of the trim grounds for the extension of the Grand Case track is confirmed, the price is finalized, the rules for payment accepted, some elements remain to be harmonized.

The same applies to a number of other acquisition cases or we have exercised our right of pre-emption in particular in the Orleans neighborhood and in Saint Louis.

A reorganization will complete our actions with the establishment of an office, a cell or a land agency for better management of territorial heritage.

The Roads and Buildings

We are continuing our efforts to upgrade our side roads and street lighting, with the limited means at our disposal.

Without being exhaustive, I will merely quote:

- The installation of reflectors from the roundabout to the Orleans quarter

- Marking of our roads, roundabouts, access to schools, pedestrian crossings

- School City Road

- The marking of the blue zone

- The school city

- The carbets of the Eastern Bay

- The takeover in own management and the rehabilitation of the relay workshops

- Continuation of work in our schools

- Repair of all the benches on the waterfront

- The refurbishment of the taxi stand Monique Emmanuel

- Rehabilitation of the Sandy Ground

- The refurbishment of the Galisbay Omnisport Hall

There are so many achievements to be put to the credit of this majority that, whatever one says or whatever one thinks, is at work.

But these achievements must not leave us full of satisfaction but on the contrary encourage us to go even further in our desire to endow territory with quality infrastructure.

Thus 2016 will see the resumption of our road program with the refurbishment of the road of colombier, that of Rambaud to the lottery farm, amenity, development of the bay cul de sac in partnership with the economic pole and others .

The performance of our public lighting has been remarkably improved, our 2014 virtually non-existent vertical signage has improved significantly in 2015 and will continue throughout 2016 with the installation of a reinforced road team.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts made and the improvement of the work of the technical departments by better monitoring of our work sites, the implementation of stock monitoring and management, better attendance and punctuality.

In the next few weeks, I will focus on the implementation of genuine fleet management, the redesign of the multi-purpose service to improve performance and better management of those who, from my point of view A remarkable point to be made about the objectives of the community.

Before concluding, I would like to thank all of my colleagues, the Director General, the Deputy Director General, the Directors, the Mission Managers, the Heads of Service, the Team Leaders and the Agents for the work we do every day. Sustainable development

And transportation and tell you how proud I am to be the conductor of such a team.

How not to mention the services of the State for their partnership in terms of technical and financial support.

Please convey our sincere thanks.

I also want to address my elected colleagues at the beginning of this year so that we will remain mobilized on our commitments without letting ourselves be won over by the obsession of some that 2016 is a year ahead of schedule.

Let 2017, which belongs to 2017.

To the forces of order, territorial police, borders, gendarmerie, customs, 2016 is less dramatic to you than 2015, protect yourself so that you can protect us better.

To the world of Justice, for a year of fulfilling your expectations in human and material means to render a justice firmer, faster and more adapted.

To the world of education, for a year 2016 more refocused on your true objectives: the quality of transmission of your knowledge now that better working conditions are granted to you.

In the world of Relief, firefighters, Smur, SNSM, paramedics, I wish you never to fail in your missions of relief and assistance and that we recognize the harshness and the complexity of your missions.

In the world of health, I hope that your mobilization and commitment will not diminish in spite of the increasing difficulties and the dangers and risks you face in the exercise of your professions.

To all of you, my dear compatriots, associative and economic actors, so that 2016 is in every way better than 2015 and together we can continue to work ever more and always better for a society made more advantageous, Love, Justice and Equilibrium.

Very Good Health to all and a Happy New Year 2016!

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