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Speech Rosette Gumbs-Lake
Speech Rosette Gumbs-Lake
Hello everyone,

The protocol has been established, let me first of all wish you my best wishes for this new 2016 year.

Richard Gibson, Governor Eugene Holiday and Honorable Minister.

I would like to proceed in wishing everyone here present and to the people of Saint-Martin on a whole, a very happy and prosperous year 2016. A year filled with health, peace and plenty of love.

As you know, I am the vice-president in charge of the community councils, community integration, the territorial council and the president of the CTOS.

As you know, I am the vice-president in charge of the functional division, which encompasses neighborhood councils and the territorial youth council. I am also the president of the Caisse Territoriale des Oeuvres Scolaires (CTOS).

I will begin my intervention with the actions of 2015 and the objectives of 2016 of the CTOS.

The CTOS is an autonomous public institution, its actions are as follows:

    Production of meals with now a daily production of 5000 meals with the new Robert Weinum school city. This increase in production makes it possible to meet the demand for staff mobility.

    Enrollment service and receipt of revenues with a master and 4 sub-management

    Organization and follow-up of the 18 school restaurants and the school's self.

    Administrative follow-up with the accounting department, the human resources department, and the purchasing department.

    And finally the organization of peri and extra-school

As regards work in the mess rooms:

Thanks to the study launched by CTOS in 2013, the renovation of the schools' restaurants has begun. Thus work for the nursery school of Orléans district was carried out in July and August 2015.

A recent decision was taken to renovate the Ghyslaine Rogers Preschool in Grand Case.

This work has considerably improved the working conditions of the agents (cloakroom, new sanitary facilities, industrial dishwashers, air conditioning of premises, etc.).

The children will be welcomed in the best possible conditions, refectory refurbished, new furniture, acoustic wall panels, access for handicapped persons, water fountains and self for elementals.

A double service has been introduced since the beginning of the school year, made possible by the extension of the meridian break, it makes it possible to alleviate the noise and therefore the children to have their meal in peace.

Another advantage, not least of all, is that the premises will be set to specific standards for catering, separation of areas, cloakrooms and separate sanitary facilities, entry of staff and separate containers of foodstuffs.

So this is a great good forward that CTOS has done in 2015. Many advances and improvements have been made in 4 years, although there is still to be done.

As early as the beginning of January, a morning reception service was opened in 6 schools, thus responding to the demand of many parents who had no choice but to leave their children in 6h morning in front of the school . The children of the schools Aline Hanson, Nina Duverly, Evelyna Halley, Elie Gibs, Emile Larmony, Claire St Maximim are now welcomed from 7h to 7h50. The possibility of having breakfast at 2 € is offered. 124 children already subscribe.

The renovation of the restaurant of the Nina Duverly school is envisaged, and depends on the CEDEV funds that will be allocated to this work of bringing up to norms.

Finally, the last two challenges to be met are first and foremost our accounting software, which will allow us to have reliable analytical accounting (1's 2016er objective), and secondly Salamandre software that will manage The food products from delivery to the central kitchen to the children's plate and will of course also reduce our expenses.

Compared with the 2014-2015 school year figures, the enrollment service recorded a slight decrease in enrollment in kindergarten and an increase in elementary schools and the Quartier III college. In total, these are 4567 students who are enrolled in school catering.

In the field of extracurricular activities, we have seen an increase in enrollment, proof of the parents' interest in this public service. Thus 1647 children benefit from the extra-curricular welcome.

Thanks to the rigorous service of enrollment in school catering, and rigorously in the 4 CTOS revenue management system, we were able to regularize the majority of the outstanding payments due to the CTOS.

Since the 4 January 2016, the CTOS runs one more school restaurant, that of the Robert Weinum school city. On the 800 students who attend the new school city, 400 are enrolled in the school restaurant. They are also entitled to a breakfast from 6h in the morning, according to three formulas at 2 €. In addition to the daily menu, the CTOS also offers a snack corner called SNACTOS with 5 formulas at 4 €. 100 snack formulas are sold every day students of the school city. The same concept will be reproduced in the school restaurant of the college Mont des accords and the lycée des îles du nord. Planned for 900 students, this restaurant only hosts 160.

In total, CTOS runs 20 school restaurants: 9 in elementary schools, 7 in kindergartens, 2 colleges and high school and school city).

With regard to human resources

CTOS currently employs 254 agents, contract holders and contractors. Staff were recruited with the installation of the extracurricular service, that is 18h contracts for the animation assistants and 26h for the host managers.

The change in school rhythms prompted us to make greater use of the associations that provide extracurricular activities during the meridian break and during the interclass. Through an internal call for candidates, we were able to transfer agents to the new school city, but we did not have enough incumbents, so we worked in partnership with Pôle Emploi to recruit 5 young people with a CAP Cuisine or Bac Pro Catering and hotel business as part of future contracts that may lead to hiring.

We will also hire a disabled person as required by the 11 February 2005 law in the communities (6% of the workforce).

In terms of training, 12 agents of the CTOS took part in training courses in Guadeloupe while all the staff was trained to carry out the professional interview that replaces the notation. In 2016, the training will follow its course in order to develop the skills of the agents and to make them progress in their career.

2015 Outlook and 2016 Outlook for Out-of-School and Out-of-School Services

Two years after the launch of this innovative and innovative project, the review highlights the following points:

The signing of the territorial education project PEDT and the prefectoral decree that commit the different parties for three years.

A multi-month public accompaniment to raise awareness of the challenges of school reform and the added value of extra-curricular activities (TAP)

A shared diagnosis in all the actors of the territory concerned by the subject and extended to institutional actors (DJSCS, CAF).

A mobilization of several services to pool our resources for the success of this project

The establishment of partnership agreements with numerous associations, most recently with the FCDSM as part of the 2016 carnival.

The structuring of a public service complementary to educational and educational activities.

Indeed, from the beginning of the mandate of the team in place, the orientations were laid around education. As part of the reform of school rhythms as soon as 2013 returned, the president of the community had confirmed her political choices.

This is why the focus of the PEDT is to promote sports disciplines, culture, language awareness, sustainable development and civic actions.

The implementation by CTOS of the extracurricular activities since the reform concerns 16 nursery and elementary schools. Near 4000 children received a welcome during the interclass and 1500 during the after class. Six out-of-school receptions were regularly opened per basin during the school holidays on All Saints' Day, Easter and July.

The implementation of the peri-extracurricular activities and the coordination of the teams within the schools was a challenge but also a success. This approach is always accompanied.

In 2016, the actions will continue with new activities. The overall long-term success of this system depends on the involvement of all educational actors and a general awareness of the physical and psychological needs of the child in order to promote its integration and social advancement.

Register your children!

Balance sheet and outlook for the functional division

I will now continue with the functional cluster that includes the neighborhood councils and the territorial youth council.

As regards the 2015 balance sheets, The neighborhood council n ° 1 Functioning properly, it meets monthly, on various subjects and grievances that were presented to the DGS of the community, during our visit to the neighborhood councils. The community has funded the socio-cultural projects proposed by its members and the members have accompanied the community on the organization of certain events.

The 1 board is concerned by the city contract, and it is now awaiting results and achievements regarding the implementation of this device as soon as 2016. Notably the refurbishment of the stadium and sports arenas.

The neighborhood council n ° 2Saw the rehabilitation by a company mandated by the community of the bridge of Grand Case. The representatives of the neighborhood appreciated the visit of the DGS and the Delegation of the Community and hoped that the complaints submitted would be taken into account. Concerning socio-cultural projects, the council counts on the community to embellish Grand Case.

The neighborhood council n ° 3Also raises hopes for community grievances. He organized 2015 end activities for the neighborhood's children with the full collaboration of the community and the association Hot N Spcy.

The neighborhood council n ° 4 Has been very active in 2015, It is the most prolific structure in terms of conducting projects carried out in collaboration with the community.

The neighborhood council n ° 5 Wishes to work with the community, and continue the implementation of socio-cultural projects for the neighborhood. Council 5 has invested in the beautification of the Marigot roundabouts, especially at Christmas, with the will to continue this investment in 2016.

The neighborhood council n ° 6 Asked the community about the progress of the 50 file not geometric, the environmental problems, the installation of a mini market in Sandy Ground, the care of youth. The community, having renovated the sports shelf, the whole district of SG was satisfied with this achievement. Socio-cultural projects were organized in partnership with the community. The visit of the DGS has given hope to the members of the 6 council, in particular concerning the actions of the city contract.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank DGS Philippe Million for the constructive tour we did together in the 6 neighborhood councils and for the work accomplished with me in favor of the inhabitants of these districts.

As regards the complaints of the 6 neighborhood councils, they will be dealt with, either within the framework of the city contract for priority areas 1 and 6, through the development program provided for in the 2016 budget, in particular the multiannual program d Investments (PPI 2015-2020).

I would like to reiterate the Community's objective of continuing 2016's efforts in 2015 to improve the role and functioning of neighborhood councils.

I would also point out that the community will create public points in neighborhood houses to decentralize certain administrative services and create proximity with the population. The agents of the neighborhood houses will work in pairs. The community must plan the human and material resources for this new functioning.

A word about the territorial youth council Which ends its term this year. The young consultants, most of them in the terminal, concentrated on their baccalauréat in 2015, and then on their post-baccalaurements, which did not prevent them from being active in the various actions of the community in favor of the youth: the forum The Laureates' Night, and the Successful Departure. It is important to note their very active participation in the "Plan Santé Jeunes", in collaboration with the Solidarité & Familles cluster and the ARS.

They were also behind the DejFirst project, a community-sponsored breakfast for test candidates on the first day of the second-degree exams.

Since October, the Community Youth Service has launched a new information campaign on the elections of the new 2016-2017 Youth Territorial Council. The 23 candidates will be elected next weekend and the new board will be installed on the 20 January, with the election of the junior president.

To conclude, I would like to thank the CTOS agents for their investment. I invite you to continue together to make germinate great ideas to be able to concretize beautiful projects in 2016. All the flowers of the future are hidden in the small seeds of today. Once again, 2016 very good year to you all, and to those who are dear to you.

To conclude! In working together towards sucess, let us continue to nourish big ideas in order to achieve beautiful projects in 2016. All the flowers of the future are hidden in the little seeds we sow today. Once again, Happy new year to you and your loved ones!

Thank you and have a blessed day further.

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