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Speeches V
Speeches V
Madame President,

Ladies and Gentlemen Vice-Presidents,

Ladies and Gentlemen, Territorial Advisers,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Chers amis,

At the beginning of this year, I wish to extend to you and to the people of Saint Martin my warmest and most sincere wishes for health, happiness and prosperity.

In more ways than one, 2016 is an important year for our community. First, it is the last full year of the current majority. It is therefore well suited to start looking behind us. 2016 is also a pivotal year for the future, especially through a number of projects that will soon be launched, some of which are major for our economy. I am thinking, for example, of the development of the Marigot waterfront or of the various urban revitalization actions that will be undertaken this year.

Today, I like to come back quickly to the reconstruction of the so-called "Small beaches"On the Orient Bay. In this regard, I would like to express my gratitude to the President of the Community, who has heard my proposals for this rehabilitation and has made it possible. It also demonstrates to those who could still doubt it / all the interest that this majority carries to the development - admittedly mastered - of sites of tourist visitation.

Moreover, as was done this year on the Orient Bay / I asked my services to work in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Pole / on an ambitious development axis // but also Respectful of the environment // of the uses // and the traditions concerning the site of the landing of Pinel. Indeed // this location can not be satisfied any longer to remain a simple point of passage of tourists towards the illet Pinel and it must be considered to arrange // to energize // or even to secure. The idea of ​​a small craft village and a few local food kiosks is making its way, but nothing is fixed yet.

Regarding the development or rehabilitation of certain tourist areas / I continue to receive many promoters of projects and I welcome the work of some that fit into the "huts" of our tourism development scheme. I am confident that 2016 will mark the launch of some of these projects.

In terms of tourism strategy, 2016 will present the new territorial planning and development plan for the 2016-2021 period. It is a work that follows a year of reflection and consultation and that will help / support / initiators of innovative projects in this field.

Concerning the revitalization of Marigot, after an important and successful phase of diagnosis and meetings with the stakeholders // 2016 will see the validation of concrete actions such as the valorization of certain public spaces, the architectural heritage or the improvement of the entries of Which are / you know / of the steps that directly impact the economic activity.

In this regard, I would like to pay tribute to the birth of a new association of merchants in Marigot (the AEC) with whom I am already working on projects of operations, particularly in terms of animation or security, and where the Community can Be solicited.

Regarding our rural economy, 2015 was a difficult year, especially for pastoralists with a long period of drought, which the Community was able to meet by financing and importing a variety of / To this difficulty. For 2016 / I asked that forage reserves be budgeted and that their purchase be made in the coming weeks.

As you know, the slaughterhouse was put into operation after its inauguration of the 02 June 2015. In spite of the circumstances / I know that the slaughter will be rapidly brought about by the increase of the livestock induced by our program of importation of cattle.

The Executive Council furthermore deliberated in favor of the creation of a seaport in Saint-Martin and the allocation of the "bigramFor the registration of vessels (SW for Soualiga Instead of PP for Pointe-à-Pitre).

The end of the 2015 year also saw the validation of the European funding programs (FEADER, FEAMP) which will allow the implementation of the various projects / in particular the creation of 2 ports of seafood disembarkation.

The proposed re-codification of the Rural Code and Marine Fisheries, which is expected to lead to the current 2016, will undoubtedly enable these two sectors of our economy to acquire the tools enabling them to take a new lease of life.

Finally, in rural areas, I have started a series of workshops and consultations with professionals in the sector, aiming to equip us with a methanisation unit in the near future. This will make it possible not only to perpetuate a virtuous circuit for treating certain wastes, but also to provide an environmentally responsible alternative to energy.

As you see, dear friends, 2016 will not be at all rest but it is with determination and enthusiasm // Always with enthusiasm // that I address the challenges of the coming months.

I wish you an excellent year 2016

Thank you.

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