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Speech by the Professor
Speech by the Professor
In appendix, the speech delivered by the President Daniel Gibbs during the visit of the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, this day in community.

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27 Territorial Council July 2017
27 Territorial Council July 2017 - 2017-07-28
Here in PJ, the elements relating to the Territorial Council of this Thursday 27 July 2017, as well as the topics addressed by the president during his conference of ...
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Ex Council
Ex Council - 2017-05-24
Please find herewith the report of the executive board of this Wednesday 24 May 2017. For more details, I enclose the report of item No. 1 on the draft decree (territorial continuity). The deliberations of the EC of 24 May will be accessible on the JO of the COM (Web site of the Collectivity) as of the return of the control of legality by 10 days. In the photo: President Daniel Gibbs held his first press conference post Executive Council, ...
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First Council ex
First Council ex - 2017-04-05
President Daniel GIBBES held his first Executive Board on Wednesday 05 April 2017 at 9 hours at the hotel of the community, in the presence of the councilors of the executive, Mrs. Valérie DAMASEAU, XNUM Vice-president, Mr. Yawo NYUIADZI, 1ème vice -President, Mr. Steven PATRICK 2e Vice-President, Ms. Marie-Dominique RAMPHORT member, and Mr. Louis MUSSINGTON member. Mrs. Annick PETRUS, 4e Vice-President, was excused. In...
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C - 2017-04-05
President Daniel Gibbes officially entrusted with his executive powers The ceremony of transfer of power between the old and the new majority took place on Sunday 02 April 2017 at the hotel of the community of Saint Martin. President Daniel Gibbes received the symbolic keys of the community from the 1er outgoing vice-president, Mr. Guillaume Arnell, who represented President Aline Hanson, outside the territory of the ...
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Speeches Guillaume Arnell
Speeches Guillaume Arnell - 2016-01-17
Madam President, Dear Parliamentarian, Distinguished Vice-Presidents, Ladies and Gentlemen, Territorial Advisers, Deputy Directors-General, Directors and Heads of Services, Representative at the EESC Mr President of the CESC, Mr President of the CCISM, Mr ...
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V - 2016-01-17
Hello, It is a real pleasure to welcome you today as part of our wishes to the people. Greetings to everyone and thank you to this morning. Fellow Saint-Martiners, 2015 was surely marked by sad events. We were all shocked by the attacks in Paris, and we are still shocked. This black year for France, concluded by the attacks of November, will remain engraved in our ...
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Speech Rosette Gumbs-Lake
Speech Rosette Gumbs-Lake - 2016-01-15
Hello everyone, The protocol has been established, let me first of all wish you my best wishes for this new 2016 year. Richard Gibson, Governor Eugene Holiday and Honorable Minister. I would like to proceed in wishing everyone here present and to the people of Saint-Martin on a whole, a very happy and prosperous year 2016. A year filled with health, peace and plenty of love. As you know, I am the ...
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Address by Mrs Ramona Connor Vice - Pr
Address by Mrs Ramona Connor Vice - Pr - 2016-01-15
Ladies and gentlemen, territorial civil servants, all of you, local actors in their rich diversity, partners and citizens attentive to the present and the future of our community, ladies and gentlemen Gentlemen, It is with great pleasure and pride that I rise today to offer my best wishes for this year ...
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