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Modification of the Land Use Plan
Modification of the Land Use Plan
Proposal for a decision derogating from the Urban Planning Code of the Community of Saint Martin to simplify procedures for the reconstruction of buildings destroyed or damaged by Cyclone Irma and to stay provisional decisions on applications in sectors subject to cyclonic swells.

As a result of hurricane IRMA, damage to private and public buildings is considerable. Conscious of the urgent need to rebuild the dwellings for the well-being of inhabitants and businesses for the economic recovery of the territory, the Collectivité intends to adapt the legislation in force, within the scope of its powers provided for by the organic law.

Thus, it is proposed to simplify administrative procedures, in particular by derogating from the urban planning code. It is proposed to dispense the petitioners of building permits and to authorize them to file a declaration for the reconstruction works identically. This derogation would also apply to reconstruction work on the same surface where changes are made to the safety of the building in the event of a cyclone. By this modification, the training times will be reduced in order to speed up the rehabilitation of the territory.

Moreover, the major effects of flooding and flooding must be taken seriously into account in the reconstruction, particularly in view of the risks incurred by certain inhabitants. The present deliberation gives the Community the possibility of deferring decisions on planning authorizations, pending the refinement of the map of the risks of the territory and of providing for the necessary redevelopment of certain districts for the safety of Saint-Martin.

This temporary amendment to the Urban Planning Code would apply until 1 1 st October 2018.


  2017-10-27 23: 23: 40
I want to suggest simplified zoning changes because the need for housing is more than significant. I have 2 zoning changes IINAx in UH ​​and NBb in UG that would lead directly to the realization of many housing. I remain at your disposal to submit my projects. cordially
  2017-10-27 21: 35: 58
We need dikes to protect our heritage in the flood zones, they could be temporary (the cheapest option) or permanent with hotels and museums etc included (the option that offers the most potential for annuities). I have preliminary remarks if you are interested contact me 0690177377.
  2017-10-25 14: 58: 47
It is a good project for Saint Martin to accelerate the reconstruction. You do not give the administration timeframes on filing filings. Who from the state or the community will have the last word on the reconstruction on the risk zones, knowing that all the notament zones by the sea, are at risk. On the eastern bay, for example, the sea has penetrated well beyond the risk zone. The next hurricanes may be even stronger, so what will be the future areas at risk? Cordially.