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Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
Election of the Territorial Council for Young People of Saint Martin
On Saturday 20 last January, the community of Saint-Martin proceeded to the election of the members of the Junior Territorial Council of Saint-Martin. 23 elected members are in office for 2 years (2018-2020), Mr. Ashille BROOKS, 22 years, was elected President of the Assembly.

The First Vice-President of the Senior Territorial Council, Mrs. Valérie DAMASEAU, in charge of Youth, Community Life, Culture and Sport, represented the President Daniel GIBBS, currently on the move in Paris as part of the reconstruction of St. Martin. The election of the President, among three candidates, took place in a serious and friendly atmosphere. The election of 23 members and 4 Vice Presidents was done the previous week, to allow the new assembly to meet for the first time in plenary and to elect its President, Saturday 20 January 2018, at Community Hotel. Thus, Mr. Ashille BROOKS won, against Jemima BELME and Pierre-Lou RICHEUX.
The young people elected are college students, high school students or already in active life, they have applied to the youth service of the Community, which is responsible for organizing the election. The Territorial Council of the Young people of Saint-Martin is elected for a duration of 2 years.
The President of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, Mr. Daniel Gibbs and his Territorial Council wish the Welcome to 23 elected members and their President Ashille BROOKS at the service of the Youth Saint-Martin for the next two years.
List of 23 elected members:
Mr Ashille BROOKS

1er Vice-President in charge of the SPORT, HEALTH and CULTURE Commission:
Mr. Jerry HODGE

2th Vice-President in charge of the Commission COMMUNICATION:
Miss Gabriella LOSI

3 Vice-President in charge of the Inter-Commission Youth Co-operation Commission:
Mr Manuel FELIX

4th Vice-President in charge of the SOLIDARITY Committee:
Miss Audeline ELIAN

BELME Jemima
Angelo BURET
FORTUNE Fornessa-Catt
JHIGAI Chelsea
JUST Nathalie
LAKE Yoean
MILLER Stevenson
OGE Branly
RICHEUX Pierre-Lou
RODRIGUEZ Christopher

We wish them an excellent mandate in the service of the Jeunesse Saint-Martin

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