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President Daniel Gibbs had announced it since taking office in April 2017, the wreck of the boat El Maud, in the bay of the Galisbay Bay, will soon disappear. Launched well before hurricane IRMA, this public contract was awarded last July to the Dutch company Koole BV, for an amount of 395 000 €. Work began in mid-October and are complete.
The El Maud ship ran aground at 100 meters from shore, by about 4.5 meters deep, during the passage of Hurricane Lenny, in November 1999. Long 70 meters and weighing 800 tons, the wreck has never been decommissioned and has deteriorated over the years. The deprivation of the right of ownership having been pronounced by the administrative authority (article L5142-2 of the Code of transport), it allowed the collectivity of Saint-Martin to act and to proceed to the removal of this wreck.
The specifications provided for the sorting and evacuation of all types of debris and demolition waste and the restoration of the seabed. The Company had to produce a detailed methodological and organizational memorandum indicating precisely the material and human resources used to carry out this work.
The selective sorting of materials and the evacuation of all debris from demolition is a legal obligation, in accordance with the Environment Code (Art L541-24). The contractor was thus commissioned to implement the necessary means to guarantee the continuity of the evacuation channels and the recycling of the materials, and carried out a complete cleaning of the seabed at the end of the building site.
In addition to the wreck of El Maud, which has deformed the Bay of the Potence since 18 years, many ships were damaged by Hurricane IRMA, the 06 last September, and must be removed from the littoral zones. The marine industry estimates that 1000 has the number of damaged vessels including 500 listed as wrecks.
The abduction of El Maud is a strong sign of the commitment of President Gibbs and his team for the rehabilitation and beautification of coastal areas.

EDF wishes to accompany Saint-Martin in its reconstruction
EDF wishes to accompany Saint-Martin in its reconstruction - 2017-10-25
The President Daniel Gibbs received in community, Saturday 14 October 2017, the CEO of the EDF Group, Mr. Jean-Bernard Levy and his delegation, in the presence of the Prefect Anne Laubies, to discuss the support of EDF on the territory concerning the rehabilitation of electricity networks. In the preamble, President Levy told President Gibbs that the deployment of exceptional means by ...
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Professor's intervention
Professor's intervention - 2017-10-24
Speech of the 23-10-2017 ************************************** Ladies and gentlemen, Dear friends, Hello everyone, It is always a privilege for a President of the Community to be able to address the forces of his territory. And it is all the more significant today that we have just experienced an unprecedented hurricane, and that it is precisely by the revival ...
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The Pr
The Pr - 2017-10-20
Here are some pictures of President Gibbs' last field visits and his elected officials. Tuesday 17 October President Daniel Gibbs and his vice-president Yawo Nyuiadzi received the representatives of the traders' association at their request. President Yann Lecam, Treasurer Fred Erb and Member Babey Alfred were able to convey their questions to President Gibbs. President Gibbs has ...
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EDF and the Community
EDF and the Community - 2017-10-20
The community of Saint-Martin, represented by its President, Mr. Daniel Gibbs and his 3e Vice-President, Mrs. Annick Pétrus and the company EDF Archipel Guadeloupe, represented by its director Mr. Sylvain Vidal, have signed a partnership agreement, Friday October 20 2017, with the common goal of fighting energy poverty in the territory, after Hurricane IRMA. This natural disaster has exposed some of our ...
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Draft d
Draft d - 2017-10-17
Please find attached, the documents relating to the draft deliberation departing from the urban planning code of the community of Saint Martin to simplify the procedures for the reconstruction of the buildings destroyed or damaged by hurricane Irma and to stay provisional judgment on applications for sectors subject to high risk of swell ...
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The Pr
The Pr - 2017-10-16
As a preamble, President Gibbs welcomed the government's "listening" and "the notable advances" obtained during his trip to the 3 Inter-Ministerial Meeting (RIM) this week in Paris. The President announced his responsibilities, as President of the Community, and put in place clear and effective measures to rebuild the territory, on the basis of the accompanying measures of the state and ...
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Grand Rassemblement: Intervention of the Pr
Grand Rassemblement: Intervention of the Pr - 2017-10-09
Sunday October 08 2017 ** Speech by President Gibbs ** Dear friends, Hello everyone, Welcome and thank you for coming to share this moment with us. I am very moved to see you so many here on our dear Marigot Sea Front, which represents to my eyes and in the eyes of many Saint-Martinois, a symbolic place. It was here that the ancients used to meet. They loved to ...
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last - 2017-09-25
- Registration to get tarpaulins is open on 4 sites from 8h to 12h from Monday to Friday: - Hotel of the community in Marigot - School A. Hanson in Sandy Ground - School Elie Gibs Grand Case - School Clair St Maximin in QO - 6 water distribution points are currently open in the neighborhoods, there will be 11 from Sunday 24. - Food distribution continues at 6 ...
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