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Cleaning the entrance to Grand Case
The community of Saint-Martin, under the authority of the Vice President in charge of Sustainable Development, Mr. Steven PATRICK, proceeded on Tuesday 06 February 2018, cleaning the entrance to Grand Case. As a result, several derelict vehicles (ELVs) were removed by the community service provider, responsible for removing the ELVs. These car carcasses were then taken to the Grand Cayes ecosite for treatment and decontamination.
On Wednesday, February 07, the Environment and Life Frame service then intervened for a complete cleaning of the site, where were stored for several years of old household appliances and many wastes. This dump was completely cleaned by the community.
Grand Case Tuesdays begin 13 February 2018. President Daniel GIBBS who wished to support this popular event (a financial contribution was granted by the Tourist Office) wanted the village to be welcoming and clean as the festivities approached. This new space located along the national road will serve as a parking for visitors and residents of the area.
Since the September 6, the community has already paid for its removal of 600 carcasses from end-of-life vehicles. A cleaning campaign that will continue in the coming weeks.

Landfill work r
Landfill work r - 2017-12-13
President Gibbs at the first pick of the Grand Case yard Daniel Gibbs went at midday (Wednesday 13 December 2017) on the Boulevard de Grand-Case for the launch of the first work of burying the electrical networks, operated by the EDF company. This first pickaxe took place in the presence of the state representative, the prefect Philippe Gustin, delegate for the reconstruction, and of ...
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Update on ongoing projects
Update on ongoing projects - 2017-01-19
The community of Saint-Martin is currently running several projects. Wednesday 11 January 2017, a delegation led by President Aline HANSON visited these achievements, with community technicians and project delegates, to make a progress report on the progress of ongoing projects. The visit started with the Jean-Louis VANTERPOOL stadium in Marigot. The community hired 2016 the ...
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R - 2016-06-02
The community of Saint-Martin carried out the renovation of the markings on the ground of the parking and traffic zones, located road from Fort Louis to Marigot. The objective of this work, initiated by the Sustainable Development Center of the Community, was to reaffirm by the marking on the ground the authorized parking areas, particularly in the upper part of the street where the road was no longer respected . Thanks to that...
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Meeting of Jean Facon - FNCCR
Meeting of Jean Facon - FNCCR - 2016-05-06
Communiqué from the Community: On Friday, 29, April 2016, President Jean-Pierre Faon, Deputy Director in charge of the Energy and Digital Departments, Head of the legal department at the National Federation of Licensing Authorities and Regions in Paris. (FNCCR). The Community is a member of this Federation since 2013, and can thus have an accompaniment in the technical organization, ...
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