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Fish Day: The Pr
Fish Day: The Pr
Fish Day: President Gibbs wants to support traditional fishing
Fish Day: President Gibbs wants to support traditional fishing
Fish Day: President Gibbs wants to support traditional fishing
Fish Day: President Gibbs wants to support traditional fishing
Fish Day: President Gibbs wants to support traditional fishing
Fish Day: President Gibbs wants to support traditional fishing
Fish Day: President Gibbs wants to support traditional fishing
Speeches President GIBBES: Fish Day 2017 Edition

Ladies and gentlemen,
My dear friends,

I welcome your presence today for this new edition of Fish Day and I would like to begin by thanking all the players for making it possible.
The Community is the privileged conductor of these festivities and we can be proud of the growing success that Fish Day is experiencing year after year.

Today President of the Collectivity, I mean to inscribe this event in the perenniality: there are still too few opportunities for the Saint-Martinois, to share together moments of such conviviality. These moments are precious, I want not only to maintain them but also to develop them.

The Community is in a worrying budgetary situation, as you know, and as long as we do not have a real economic development policy - the one I would like to achieve and which I intend to carry out - our room for maneuver will remain reduced.

It would be tempting then, in this expectation of recovery of our finances, to see in the events and more generally in the culture, sources of economy easy for our Collectivity.

This is not at all my objective because, in my view, culture is not a luxury and I refuse to consider it as an investment with lost funds.

Nor is it an asset that would suffer if left to one side when everything goes wrong, to use it when it is better.
Malraux said that "culture is not inherited, it is conquered": more than ever, we need culture, we need moments of sharing like this one to overcome more serenely and stronger together the crisis Which we have been going through for some years. For I remain persuaded that it is through culture that divisions fade and that we create bond, unity.

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Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear fishermen,

The Fish Day: The Fish Day, The Fish Day, The Fish Day, The Fish Day, The Fish Day, The Fish Day .

This friendly event is also a way for all of us to celebrate our fishermen and dedicate them this special moment.

You know my attachment to the traditional sectors of our economy: agriculture, livestock and fishing. Even if it is true that they are not very heavy in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of St-Martin, for me this part of our economy brings us much more than the revenues it generates.

Our ancestral trades are the ambassadors of our culture and they represent real potentials for our future and channels of hope for our youth.

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome the work of our fishermen and convince them of my willingness to boost their sector throughout my mandate.

I am also very proud to see the good initiatives that contribute to the development of our territory. I want to congratulate for example these young people of Saint-Martin who are currently in Boulogne-sur-Mer to prepare their CAP diploma in the field of fishmonger. It is a very positive progress and I invite them to work hard and pass their exam.

Our young people must take over and continue the work of our elders. I strongly encourage them to get involved in fishing and why not create their own company.

As the President of this institution, I will support the fish industry and I am sure we will be able to organize it as it is in the neighboring islands (St Barth, Anguilla and even Sint Maarten). We must take the train in motion as we say in French.

Having said that, I am not unaware of the problems our fishery professionals face, from sacrosanct observance of the standards in force to the zoning of territorial waters.

I call on the State to work with the Community on these issues so that we can find lasting and effective solutions. I also invite fishery professionals in Saint-Martin to participate actively in the working sessions that will soon be set up. You are familiar with my working method, which is that of consultation in order to achieve fair and effective reforms.

There is a potential market, there are prospects for development for the fishing sector in Saint-Martin: I propose, therefore, to give a real dynamic to your sector of activities. I hope that we will begin discussions with the Nature Reserve to offer our professionals the possibility of fishing in certain particularly rich areas.

We live in tourism, of course, but I remain convinced that to rely on traditional channels is also to look to the future. And I do not forget the figures: a fisherman job created at sea is equivalent to four or five jobs on land. I therefore consider that it is necessary to include fishing in our strategy of economic reconquest of Saint-Martin. This is achieved by upgrading and developing learning, by creating a real fisheries committee or, logistically, by a fish landing area at the Royal Marina.

And in terms of the marine professions more generally, I would also like to see the development of a youth sponsorship program as soon as possible in order to train them in these trades. A program that could be developed in collaboration with the Caribbean Maritime Institute, dedicated to 25 young people a year, financed by the Marinas, the Port and the Community, and which would ultimately lead to the creation of the Trades Institute of the sea.

Finally, I wish to make the fishing sector a formidable tool for the integration and even reintegration of our young people: young people who are on a dangerous slope, at the gates of delinquency or of idleness, could have a real activity and The exit, a real craft in the hands. And it is not the fishermen of Saint-Martin who will contradict me: when one embarks at 5 hours of the morning on a boat, that one passes the day to trimer at sea, one returns the evening sufficiently exhausted so that it passes to us 'Want to go hanging around the streets.

It is therefore a speech in the form of an invitation, which I now conclude: that of building a better future, better organized and increasingly valued, for the fishermen of Saint Martin.

You can count on the opportunity to build a better future and put in place the tools to help the development of our territory, especially the fishing sector which represents a real asset in the reconstruction of our island economy.

Thank you for your attention.

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