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Evening registration
Evening registration
The Community of Saint-Martin honors its laureates Registration for the Laureates' Night
The Laureate Night organized by the Community will be held on Friday 25 July 2014. Through this evening, the Collectivité wishes to highlight the high school students and students who passed their exams at the end of the 2013 / 2014 school year.
In order to take part in this evening, the exam recipients must register with the Youth Department of the Community (09 jubilee 18 July 2014), from Monday to Friday, from 9 hours At 13 hours.
Required documents to be provided at registration:
- Proof of success (statement of note, copy of the results posted or on the net).
- A copy of the identity document.
The Youth Service of the Community

CTOS organizes holidays differently
CTOS organizes holidays differently - 2014-06-30
The community center opens its doors from the 7 July to the 31 July 2014 School holidays The open air center of the Collectivity opens its doors from 7 July to 31 July 2014 The CTOS (Caisse Territoriale des Évres Scolaires) Martin is setting up a ventilated center from 7 July to 31 July 2014. Children from 3 to 12 years old will be hosted in the public school premises (according to their age) by the CTOS animators from 8h30 to 16 hours. Of...
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News - 2014-06-01
The 9981 youth re-entry was attended by the public schools of the island in June 2013, and the same number was expected for the 2014 school year. About 1389 new students including 653 in kindergarten, 521 in elementary and 215 in primary were expected in the first degree. With 1153 young at the college of the Agreements, 750 at the college Soualiga, 630 at the college of Quartier d'Orléans and 1600 at the ...
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The - 2014-05-29
Opening of 2 classes of Very Small Section As part of the 2014-2015 school year, we inform you about the opening of 2 classes from Very Small Section to Sandy Ground and Grand Case. We will thus proceed to the registration from the 2 June 2014. Only children born between the 1er January and the 31 March 2012 will be accepted in the limit of the places ...
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Council of Education
Council of Education - 2014-03-12
All the actors of education gathered in Collectivity Marigot, 13 March 2014 CABINET OF THE PRESIDENTE DIRECTORATE OF COMMUNICATION Council of Education All the actors of education gathered in Collectivity Thursday 13 March 2014, was held In Collectivity the first Education Council of the year. Co-chaired by the President of the Territorial Council, Aline HANSON and, the Prefect of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, ...
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rentr - 2013-09-03
In the context of the 2013 school year, President Aline Hanson went to the polyvalent high school to welcome some 200 pupils of second. President Aline Hanson went to the polyvalent high school on the day of the new school year, the 3 September 2013, in order to welcome students of second. The headmaster of the school, Frantz Gumbs, is also present alongside President Hanson, to welcome the ...
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We love the canteen
We love the canteen - 2012-06-01
We like the canteen The lunch break should be for all students the opportunity to regain energy before the afternoon classes but also to have a pleasant time with friends. The Community, in this objective, has built the central kitchen, where 17 cooks prepare 4100 daily meals. This state-of-the-art kitchen has received its European sanitary approval - a first in Saint-Martin - a specification of ...
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