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Insertion and environment at the center of a new market
Insertion and environment at the center of a new market
The Community of Saint-Martin wished to renew certain contracts for cleaning the public domain Marigot, the 27 February 2014


Subject: press release
Insertion and the environment at the center of a new Community market
It is through new integration markets aimed at promoting the employability of Saint-Martin's youngsters that the Community of Saint-Martin wished to renew certain contracts for cleaning the public domain. A clever way to mix integration and respect for our environment.
On Wednesday 26 February 2014, President Aline Hanson, 1er Vice-President Guillaume Arnell and 2 Vice-President Ramona Connor received the representatives of the three partner associations and the integration company selected by the Community, within the framework of the New markets for cleaning beaches, cemeteries, market places in Marigot and Quartier d'Orléans, and major roads on the island, signed in early January 2014.
In total, 28 youth in search of employment were recruited by the three partner associations, Sandy Ground On The Move Insertion, SXM Horizon, AIDSM, and EME insertion company. Young people under the age of 25, whom the Community has sought to recruit in all the districts of the island, are currently deployed on the various cleaning projects launched by the Environment Department.
As explained by the 1er Vice-President of the Community Guillaume Arnell, in charge of the Sustainable Development pole, these four integration markets are signed for a year, renewable twice, with the Collectivity having a quality control Of the work awarded, and associations with the same performance requirements as a company.
President Aline Hanson drew the attention of these young workers to the importance of providing quality everyday care and being proud of the task entrusted to them. Ramona Connor, 2e Vice-President in charge of the Solidarity and Families division, did not fail to remind these young Saint-Martin that they had a key role in the community: protection of our immediate environment and maintenance Of the image of Saint-Martin in the eyes of our tourists.
These four markets initiated by the Community will be subject to regular checks by the Environment Department to ensure that the cleaning clauses set out in the specifications are respected. These markets have a life of three years beyond which new contracts will be signed and new young people recruited.

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