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Interreg Cara
Interreg Cara
Interreg Caribbean Program V: President Gibbs defends the interests of Saint Martin in the Caribbean area

President Daniel Gibbs participated, the 30 and 31 last May, to the monitoring committee and then to the selection committee of the European Interreg Caribbean Program V - 2014-2022, in Guadeloupe. For its first participation in the implementation of the Caribbean cross-border cooperation programs, the President of the Saint-Martin community has been able to give voice to defend the interests of its territory while integrating it in a Caribbean globality.

Approved by the European Commission since 1 December 2015, the Caribbean Cooperation Program is slowly taking shape, with the focus on the territories concerned responding to the challenges of the Caribbean area through win-win project financing. The Interreg program is unique and comprises two cooperation areas: A cross-border component for local cooperation between Guadeloupe, Martinique and the OECS countries, as well as a wider transnational component for cooperation between Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Saint-Martin with all the countries and territories included in the program.
Among the major challenges of the 2014-2020 program, Partner Countries must in particular strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises by implementing joint projects, increase the capacity to respond to natural risks by improving knowledge and implementing systems Improve the management of vulnerable or protected areas by jointly developing sustainable tourism; And addressing common health issues across the Caribbean.

For President Gibbs, who was keen to make this first Interreg trip to exchange with his Caribbean counterparts, there was talk of supporting the interests of Saint Martin, while taking a more global Caribbean approach. President Gibbs personally defended the projects carried out by his territory: The Caribix project of the local telephony company Dauphin Telecom; The Cari'Mam project of the Sanctuary AGOA, and the meteorological radar project with Sint Maarten, carried out by the community of Saint-Martin.
The President also supported a project to characterize the potential of the geothermal resource carried out by the Teranov Corporation. This innovative project could be examined at the next Selection Committee in Cayenne, Guyana, during the month of September 2017, which could then see the light of day in Saint-Martin.
"This project is interesting for our zone of influence which has itself revealed its interest in the realization of an energy cooperation program", said President Gibbs, who counts on the transversality of the Caribbean territories to develop our zone Influence and create opportunities for long-term economic development. The President declared himself satisfied "with the unanimity of the votes of the partner territories on all the projects selected and eligible".

The Pr
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Meeting of the Pr
Meeting of the Pr - 2017-04-27
President Daniel Gibbes met on Monday 24 April 2017, the governor of Sint-Maarten, Eugene Holiday, during a courtesy visit to Philipsburg. The President of the community, indeed, wished to meet at the beginning of his mandate the dignitaries of the neighboring territories, in order to introduce themselves and to initiate the first exchanges in the field of regional cooperation. The President and the Governor were thus able to discuss the files in progress, the actions of ...
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COM-LADOM, towards a stronger partnership
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On Tuesday 06 December, President Aline HANSON received at the hotel of the community, Florus NESTAR Managing Director of LADOM and Raoul LEBRAVE Regional Director of LADOM. For both partners, it was necessary to take stock of their actions within the framework of the mobility schemes and to discuss the convention that will soon be signed between COM and LADOM. The aim of this meeting was to ask the ...
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The Minister of Tourism of - 2016-12-07
Guy Didier Hyppolite, Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries of Haiti, received in community on Tuesday 29 November 2016, regional councilor Louis Fleming, in charge of regional cooperation. Accompanied by his cabinet staff, the minister traveled to the West Indies, with the aim of creating inter-island tourism links and opportunities. The exchange between Guy Didier Hyppolite and Louis Fleming was all ...
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New Governor of Lions Club International
New Governor of Lions Club International - 2016-10-21
Vice-President Rosette Gumbs-Lake welcomed Christian Calixte, new governor of Lions Club International, on a visit to Saint-Martin, the 7 and 8 October 2016. Come to meet the 4 clubs of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the governor also wished to pay a courtesy visit to the territorial executive. During this meeting, Christian Calixte was accompanied by his 1er vice-president Christian Colomb, District Secretary Anne-Marie Beaubrun, ...
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Courtesy visit of Mr. Charles Savarin,
Courtesy visit of Mr. Charles Savarin, - 2016-10-20
President Aline HANSON received in college on Friday 14 October 2016, her Excellency Charles SAVARIN, President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, accompanied by his wife Clara SAVARIN. Invited on the territory by the Dominica Foundation of Saint Martin, as part of the 38th anniversary of the independence of Dominica, President SAVARIN wished to pay a courtesy visit to the local executive. Madam President Aline HANSON was ...
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