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Intervention Quartier d'Orl
Intervention Quartier d'Orl
Acting President Guillaume Arnell, along with three vice presidents Ramona Connor, Wendel Cocks and Rosette Gumbs-Lake, went to Quartier d'Orléans on Tuesday 06 October evening after a family saw his house Burned in suspicious circumstances. Immediately, the vice-president in charge of social affairs, Mrs Connor, mobilized the social services so that this family of two adults and four children could benefit from emergency housing and basic needs, To find a lasting solution of relocation.

The following morning, President Arnell, Vice-President Cocks and Territorial Councilor Rollande Questel went to the field to talk to the residents of "Round the Pond" who expressed their dissatisfaction by blocking the RN7 to the circulation. In coordination with the prefect, the elected representatives, the gendarmerie commander and the representative of the neighborhood council, supported by the presence of the deputy Gibbs, agreed to find a favorable outcome.

Among the solutions arrested and announced to the demonstrators by the neighborhood representative and President Arnell, the Community has undertaken in partnership with the State to reinforce the joint patrols of police and territorial police on the area concerned.

Pending the results of the investigation and an appropriate judicial response, the community has also committed, in an effort to appease, to find out-of-area relocation solutions for the family considered by the demonstrators as Causing the disorders (a mother and her 8 children).

In order to facilitate the investigators' work, President Arnell asked the population to be vigilant and to immediately inform the security forces of any suspicious movements in the neighborhood. This is one of the conditions for a quick return to peace and tranquility in the neighborhood.

Health Observatory
Health Observatory - 2015-09-05
Created in October 2010 under the impetus of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, the Saint-Martin Health Observatory was born of a project of cooperation between the Collectivity, the government of Sint Maarten and the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital , Financed by the European Interreg Caribbean Fund 2007-2013. If it took time to set up, the general assembly held on Friday 04 September 2015 made it possible to formalize ...
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F - 2015-06-18
The Community of St. Martin celebrated the dads, Friday 19 June 2015, during a small ceremony of reward organized in the hotel of the Collectivity, in collaboration with the six neighborhood councils. Among the dads highlighted this year thanks to the selection made with the help of neighborhood councils, Mr. Liburd Joseph of Orléans district (for district no. 1), Mr. Burnett Bruno de Grand ...
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The Community
The Community - 2015-04-21
The Direction of Autonomy, Pole Solidarity & Families of the Community of Saint Martin, organizes an afternoon of information on Alzheimer's disease, on Wednesday 25 March 2015, from 17h to 20h, in the Opal room of The CCISM. Family caregivers and relatives of the sick, health professionals, but also all Saint-Martin residents who are affected by this disease, are invited to participate in this event. He...
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Health - 2014-12-09
Convention with the Regional Health Agency (ARS) On Friday 2 December 5, President Aline Hanson and the 2014 Vice-President in charge of the Pole Solidarité & Familles, Ramona Connor, signed an agreement with the Regional Health Agency (ARS), represented by the Director of the ARS In Guadeloupe, Patrice Richard, and Pascal Godefroy, delegate of the ARS in Saint-Martin. This partnership agreement ...
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An agreement with ADIL
An agreement with ADIL - 2014-10-07
Housing council An agreement with the ADIL to advise the population on housing Monday 06 October 2014, the Community has signed a partnership agreement with the Departmental Agency for Housing Information (ADIL) of Guadeloupe. The objective of this partnership is to allow the population to be better advised on the issues related to housing. The Community of Saint-Martin is competent in housing since the 1er April 2012, and as ...
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The Community
The Community - 2014-10-06
From 12 to 19 October 2014 The Solidarity & Families Pole of the Saint-Martin Collective organizes the 12 Blue Week at 19 October 2014. Blue Week is National Retirees and Seniors Week; Through dedicated events, it allows these people to be honored and to share moments of sharing and conviviality. Thus, the Solidarity & Families Pole has set up a relatively large program aimed at ...
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The Pr
The Pr - 2014-09-17
On Thursday 11 last September, President Hanson received Marie-Hélène Coutant from the Prefecture. Marie-Hélène Coutant has just taken up her duties in the Prefecture of Saint-Martin / St Barthélemy, as the person responsible for social cohesion, protection of populations, competition, consumerism and the repression of fraud. President Aline Hanson received her in Collective, Thursday 11 September, during a visit of courtesy which has ...
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States g
States g - 2014-05-27
General Social Work Statutes The Collective invites social workers to participate in the Social Work Assises As part of the General Social Work Council, launched by the government, a reflection is conducted for one year on the evolution of social work and needs users in mainland France and overseas territories. The Social Work Conference of Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and St Barthélemy are scheduled on Monday 26 June 2014, at ...
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