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International Archives Day (9 June 2018)
The Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin

The Territorial Archives of Saint Martin join the International Archives Day which will take place on Saturday 9 June 2018.
In this context, various events are organized around the world to publicize the role of an archive service, share professional practices and experiences, and develop archives. Under the aegis of the International Council of Archives (ICA), the theme of the year 2018 is "Archives: Governance, Memory and Heritage".
The Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin: rescue and safeguard
Through a video montage of about 6 minutes, the Territorial Archives of Saint-Martin propose to show the public the activities of these last months. Produced by the Community of Saint-Martin, this video is visible on the website of the community and Facebook.

After a passage evoking the creation of the Territorial Archives (2013), first public archive service in the history of Saint-Martin, until the passage of Hurricane Irma 6 last September, the public is invited to discover the consequences of the destructive damage of Irma on the written heritage of St. Martin. From the treatment of documents to remedy the proliferation of molds to the relocation of the most important funds for the reconstruction of Saint-Martin to ensure their safety and preservation, these sequences show the fragility of evidence essential for the rights of administrations and citizens in the face of these extraordinary climatic events.
In 8 months, millions of leaves were dried, dusted, and processed to safeguard our fragile archival heritage. The help of the RSMA in October allowed to act quickly to put out of water more than 300 linear meters of archives. Thanks to a grant from the National Archives (Paris), the emergency treatment equipment for the archives and the protection of the agents (masks, gloves, suits) was able to reach Saint Martin quickly and allow the team to work in best conditions. A backup and reorganization plan has been drawn up at the Saint-Martin Territorial Archives from 2014 and updated every year: this preparation of the teams upstream of the climate event, activated as early as the 2 September 2018, was capital to secure the archives. After the hurricane, it was a valuable guide to implement the first decisive rescue actions for the long-term safeguarding of documents, in a context of total autonomy (cutting of the means of communication and communication). energy).
Relocated in a temporary building, the Territorial Archives are no longer able, to date, to receive the public. Search requests must be sent only to the following address:

How to access the communicable documents
The public is invited to attach a scanned photocopy of their identification document to their request for communication and / or retrieval of documents so that the service can proceed with registration and processing of the application.
Only applications related to building permits can currently be honored, subject to the regulatory provisions related to the release of these documents.
All civil status applications (birth certificates, death, marriage) must now be addressed only to the civil status service at the Collectivité, whatever the date of the acts.
Only requests sent by email to the address will be processed. As computer resources and internet connections are being restored, response times may vary.
It is reminded to the public that the building of the Médiathèque and Archives territoriales (Concordia) is totally closed to the public since 6 September 2018: it is no longer necessary to go to this building to make requests for archives.
Video: production Community of Saint-Martin / © Community of Saint-Martin.

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