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Disabled Persons Day
Disabled Persons Day
The December 03 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day was proclaimed in 1992 by the United Nations with a specific aim: to promote the integration of people with disabilities into our society, by guaranteeing their access to economic, social and political life.

Persons with disabilities represent 15% of the world's population, while 80% of them are of working age; In Saint-Martin, CAF tracks about 400 records of people with a disability. Access to employment for these people is therefore a central issue in our social policies. Women in particular face behavioral barriers when it comes to equal opportunities in the world of work. This dedicated day is an opportunity for me to discuss the professional integration of people with disabilities, notably through the recognition of the Quality of the Disabled Worker (RQTH), which is an essential device in the life of a worker disabled.

The RQTH is intended for employees with a disability, a chronic illness, a health problem, having repercussions at work. It offers advantages for employees with disabilities because it allows them to benefit from specific adjustments (workstation, scheduling arrangements, part-time law in the civil service) and, in general, all the measures enabling Retention in employment. It also offers the possibility of accessing certain qualifying and adapted vocational training which can be remunerated and also having access to direct recruitment into the civil service by contractual means (under conditions), knowing that this type of recruitment Gives rise to tenure.

The RQTH is therefore an official recognition of your health problem, which must be taken into account by your employer, your supervisors, and your colleagues.

How to get recognition for Quality of Disabled Worker (RQTH)?

The law provides that any employer in the public or private sector, employing 20 persons and more, is required to have in its workforce at least 6% of people with disabilities. Persons officially recognized as handicapped workers are legally entitled to individualized schedules if their state of health so requires.

Persons with disabilities who wish to obtain this recognition are invited to present themselves at the Pôle Solidarité & Familles, n ° 5 Rue Léopold Mingau at Concordia, in order to withdraw the file and to report it duly informed. It is also possible to download the file on the site (section Work / Employment and Handicap). It must be accompanied by a medical certificate essential for the admissibility of the application.

Who awards the RQTH?

This recognition falls within the competence of the Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH), which examines the application and notifies the applicant of its decision to award the RQTH for a period of 5 years.

In my capacity as Vice-President for Social Issues for the Community, I can only encourage people with disabilities to take the necessary steps to take their disability into account in the workplace. The Direction of Autonomy and Persons of the Pole Solidarité & Familles is at the disposal of these people, to accompany them in their steps.

Ramona Connor,

2e Vice-President in charge of the Solidarity & Families - Community of Saint-Martin division.

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The Direction of Autonomy, Pole Solidarity & Families of the Community of Saint Martin, organizes an afternoon of information on Alzheimer's disease, on Wednesday 25 March 2015, from 17h to 20h, in the Opal room of The CCISM. Family caregivers and relatives of the sick, health professionals, but also all Saint-Martin residents who are affected by this disease, are invited to participate in this event. He...
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Health - 2014-12-09
Convention with the Regional Health Agency (ARS) On Friday 2 December 5, President Aline Hanson and the 2014 Vice-President in charge of the Pole Solidarité & Familles, Ramona Connor, signed an agreement with the Regional Health Agency (ARS), represented by the Director of the ARS In Guadeloupe, Patrice Richard, and Pascal Godefroy, delegate of the ARS in Saint-Martin. This partnership agreement ...
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An agreement with ADIL
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The Community
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The Pr
The Pr - 2014-09-17
On Thursday 11 last September, President Hanson received Marie-Hélène Coutant from the Prefecture. Marie-Hélène Coutant has just taken up her duties in the Prefecture of Saint-Martin / St Barthélemy, as the person responsible for social cohesion, protection of populations, competition, consumerism and the repression of fraud. President Aline Hanson received her in Collective, Thursday 11 September, during a visit of courtesy which has ...
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