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The 53
The 53 Meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society
The 53 Meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society
The 53 Meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society
Saint-Martin will organize the next edition of the Caribbean Food Crops Society

The 53 meeting of the Caribbean Food Crops Society (CFCS) was held from 17 Monday July 21 July 2017 to San Juan, Puerto Rico, under the theme "Caribbean, a research hub at Service of World Agriculture and Food Security ".

The meeting brought together scientists, researchers, agricultural and agro-industry professionals, and political and institutional representatives from the Caribbean. A delegation from the Community and the Inter-professional Consular Chamber of Saint Martin (CCISM) led by the territorial councilor, Mrs Sofia CARTI-CODRINGTON, had the privilege to attend this edition.
President Daniel Gibbs hoped that a delegation from our island would be present at this agricultural meeting to see what was at stake, whereas the candidacy of the Community of Saint Martin was chosen as organizer of the 54ème Meeting of the CFCS in July 2018. This participation is part of the political approach of the majority, which wants to develop agriculture and create sustainable jobs in the agri-food sector. A strategic development plan will soon be drawn up to boost this sector of activity.

Thanks to the field visits organized in the North-West and South of the island on the topics of animal and plant genetic improvement and agro-processing, the Saint-Martin delegation was able to get an idea of ​​the needs Of the Caribbean, to stop the theme of the next edition. The local organizing committee is planning to organize the 54th edition around "the multifunctionality of agriculture in the small island territories of the Caribbean dedicated to the tourist economy".

On the sidelines of the official sessions of the 53th meeting of the SACC, workshops were initiated throughout the week between the members of the Saint Martin delegation and the local partners, in particular to prepare the 2018 edition. It should be noted that at the end of these working meetings, Mrs. Maggy Gumbs was nominated representative of the francophone countries within the CFCS, and Mr. Dorvan Cocks was appointed president of the CFCS during the 2017 / 2018 period.

For the organization of its edition in July 2018, the Community of Saint-Martin will call on the support of the European funds for the financing, and the local and regional know-how for the development of this agroalimentary meeting which brings together each year more Of 250 participants.

Group photo :
From left to right: Julien GUMBS - Agricultural Mission Officer CCISM, Elie TOUZE - Agricultural and Rural Development Officer - Saint Martin Community, Harry OZIER-LAFONTAINE - Center President - INRA Regional Delegate, Maggy Gumbs - Director Of the Inter-professional Consular Chamber of Saint Martin - CCISM, Dorvan COCKS - Vice-President of the CCISM, Sofia CARTI-CODRINGTON - Elected to the Territorial Council of the Community of Saint Martin, Guy ANAIS - Member of the CFCS for more than 30 Years and former Director of Research at INRA, consultant to the CCISM and Rodrigue ANGELY - Director of Contractual Policies - Saint Martin Community.

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