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The COM f
The COM f
The Community of Saint Martin celebrated its 10 years of existence, the 15 July 2017. This anniversary was celebrated during the festivities of 14 July, with three days of party on the Marigot Waterfront, last weekend.
To celebrate this celebration, the community hotel was decorated with the anniversary logo on beautiful printed hangings, and the gardens adjoining the public building embellished for the occasion.
The Port of Galisbay building, the Espérance airport of Grand Case and the Tourist Office are also decorated in the colors of 10 years!

The Pr
The Pr - 2017-06-20
President Daniel Gibbs visited three fathers of family, Sunday 18 June 2017, Father's Day. As for Mother's Day the 28 last May, the President held to honoring the dads by going to greet three representative fathers for their deserving life journey. To honor their example, the President awarded the Saint-Martin community medal to Messrs. Joseph Fleming of Quartier d'Orléans, Gilbert Denis de Grand ...
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Visit to the Deans of Saint Martin
Visit to the Deans of Saint Martin - 2017-05-28
On Saturday, 27 May 2017, President Daniel Gibbs and First Vice-President Valérie Damaseau visited Ms. Yvette Fleming-Hodge, 101 years, Bellevue, Ms. Yvonne Cocks, 101 years (Quartier d'Orléans) and Ms. Véronique Javois (St James), which has just celebrated its 99 years. While they have gone through the century, the deans of Saint-Martin are the symbol of the Saint-Martin woman and the memory of our collective history. It is in this capacity that the President and his ...
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Inauguration of the new
Inauguration of the new - 2016-12-01
Delegate SNC Lavalin and its local subsidiary SESMA inaugurated on Tuesday 22 November 2016, the new reception hall of the airport Esperance of Grand Case. The management of the airport was entrusted to them by the community of Saint-Martin as part of a public service delegation (DSP) in 2011. President Aline Hanson represented the community on this inaugural evening in the presence of a floor ...
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A Saint Martin
A Saint Martin - 2016-11-14
Every year since 1959, the dignitaries of Saint-Martin meet on November 11 to commemorate Saint Martin's patron festival, the traditional "Saint-Martin's Day". As usual, President Aline Hanson received her guests in Quartier d'Orléans around an official program in four stages: the Ecumenical Mass at the Tabernacle Church, the ceremony of laying wreaths at the monument of the...
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