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The COM honors the Laur
The COM honors the Laur
The COM honors the 2017 Laureates!
The COM honors the 2017 Laureates!
The COM honors the 2017 Laureates!
The COM honors the 2017 Laureates!
On Friday 28 July, President Daniel Gibbs honored the 2016-2017 school year exams. He was surrounded by his vice-president Annick Pétrus, in charge of education, the prefect Anne Laubies, and elected representatives of the territorial council.
The atmosphere in the performance hall of the Sandy Ground MJC was particularly festive this Friday night, with more than 200 young attendees surrounded by their families who came to support them.
While warmly congratulating the successful state graduates, President Gibbs encouraged them to continue their academic journey and to rely only on themselves to succeed. He welcomed the involvement of the teaching staff and the valuable support of the parents. He also addressed a word of encouragement to those who failed this year, asking them to punch in and pursue their efforts to succeed next year.

Through this evening of honorary awards, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin wanted to highlight its youth and its tremendous potential. These new laureates represent an example for all those who are preparing to start a new school year. Congratulations to them!

Speeches 2017 Award Winners

Ladies and gentlemen,
Young people,
Chers amis,
A little compliment to start: I notice that you are all on your 31 tonight, and let me tell you that you look great!
I know how moved you are tonight.
Imitated to be together to share your success, moved to be in the light for a few hours - and it is amply deserved - perhaps touched too, to soon take the path to other horizons ...
I also suspect that you are relieved: the period of the exams has passed, it has been successful for the vast majority of you and I send you my warmest congratulations.
I want you to see in this exceptional evening that is fully dedicated to you, this joyous and somewhat vertiginous transition, of the end of one life and the beginning of another.


A page turns, but before congratulations and let you enjoy this festival in your honor, I would like to have a thought for all those who did not join us tonight because they failed Their examinations.
A thought for their parents to start with, because I know how these periods of stressful examinations are particularly intense within families.
And that I know how successful their children count, how difficult the difficulties or failures are sources of anxiety. As a parent, we want to see our children succeed and even have the chance to see them succeed better than us.
To these young people and their families, I extend my encouragement for the coming school year and, above all, I mean that school failure is not inevitable.
This is why my team and I have made education one of the main priorities of our mandate.
The Community devotes significant resources to education: it maintains and repairs the schools of the territory, it ensures their security, it organizes extracurricular time, it is competent for the first degree and so on.

All this costs millions of euros each year. For this one year 2017 for example, it is some 5 million of budget - between logistics, scholarships or various jobs ... - that our team will devote to education on the island. I wish all of us were aware of it.
These millions of euros spent annually by the Community, financed by our taxes, are millions invested in the future of our children.
And these expenses, be assured, are accompanied by a genuine political will to make the youth of Saint-Martin succeed.
Because it is not enough to untie the purse strings to ensure the success of our young people. We must be able to provide them with all the conditions necessary for their success.
An education for all, but that would be appropriate for everyone ...: here is a very French approach finally!
Because in fact, we, the Saint-Martinois, know how to copy the hexagonal educational model to the learning of our young people, is one of the factors of school failure in the territory.

The proof: the excellent assessment of the pilot bi-lingual classes set up in Quartier d'Orléans, which reduced illiteracy, absenteeism and academic failure, proves that teaching adapted to our linguistic specificities and Realities of our territory, is the guarantee of a better course for our children.
These initiatives - and I would like to thank the headteachers and teachers concerned - should be popularized in all schools.
And because we can no longer teach at Saint-Martin as we teach in the schools of Paris, or even, without going so far, from Guadeloupe, the elected representatives of our Territorial Council have expressed the common and unanimous wish to see a vice -rectorate full-time here in Saint-Martin.
And to ensure that our linguistic situation is no longer seen as a handicap but as a wealth and an asset, our majority is also committed to making intelligent use of the skills that are devolved to our Collectivity in matters of education in the first degree.
I stop doing politics for tonight, it's promised!

Just be aware that it is not because the "cream" of the baccalauréat holders and students of Saint-Martin is gathered here tonight, that we must exclude from your ceremony and our thoughts, your less fortunate comrades this year.
In fact, as I said to the Territorial Council meeting yesterday in open session, I hope that next year we will instead make this evening of laureates a great "back to schoolparty", less exclusive.
I would also like to have a special word this evening for young people engaged in vocational training courses here in Saint-Martin or outside the territory: either in the army, with the Military Service Regiment , Or in the apprenticeship curricula, such as our young people currently in CAP Poissonnerie in Boulogne-sur-Mer, or at the Concordia vocational high school ...: their involvement and their journey, which will make them, tomorrow, future leaders, masters Hotel, fishermen and fishmongers, nurserymen or mechanics ..., their courses are to be welcomed.
It is high time for us to revalorize these professional pathways and to rely on these young people, who are the artisans and entrepreneurs of tomorrow that we sorely need.
Let us know again that the new team at the helm of the Collectivité has set itself the task of re-engaging our economy on a long-term basis, in order to promote conditions of employment for the greatest number.
I am hopeful that, for our well-trained young people, the island will be able tomorrow to offer them real prospects for the future. We are working for.
To you now, the elite of Saint-Martin!
I would like to congratulate you on your success this year: many of you have won honors at their exams - we even have "Very good" honors at the baccalauréat and in the Master. Saint-Martin.
A big congratulations: Know that your families, your friends, your elected officials, are very proud of your exemplary success.
A success you must, a little, agree with the involvement of your parents and teachers.

I would also like to have a special word for the teaching staff of Saint-Martin: you practice a profession that is often difficult, sometimes devalued, but you are the strong and necessary link that ensures the foundation of our society.
There is a heavy responsibility on your shoulders, I am fully aware of it, and I would like to publicly salute your work for our students this evening and especially those who, in my presence, are proof that your profession sometimes can be A source of satisfaction! I'm joking of course!
More seriously: as I said during the 14 July celebrations, I would like to tell you again this evening: you, who are going to leave the island tomorrow, to pursue your university career in the USA, Guadeloupe, Canada or in metropolitan France , I wish that you always keep in mind that you are the ambassadors of Saint-Martin.
You are our image outside the territory, so we expect you, through your behavior and your work, to make us proud of you.
Your families, your elected officials, all Saint-Martin's, count on you.

So, sorry for those to whom I will recall the painful tests of philosophy at the Bac tonight, but I would like to conclude my remarks on this quotation from Montesquieu: "Today we receive three different or contrary educations: those of our fathers , Those of our masters, that of the world, "said the philosopher of the Enlightenment. "What we are told in the last, reverses all the ideas of the former." Come back to us next year, if the maxim of the philosopher is verified.
Thank you.

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