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Antoine Julien Gumbs station The Marigot bus station, located on rue de Hollande, was inaugurated in the presence of the island officials on 04 on 2014 on Thursday. Antoine Julien Gumbs, bus driver emeritus of Saint-Martin, agreed to give his name to this new public structure, at the invitation of the Collectivity.
With this official inauguration, the President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, and 1er Vice-President in charge of Sustainable Development, Guillaume Arnell, wished to highlight the commissioning of this new public structure available to public transport users .
This station was built by the technical services of the Collectivité, as part of the reorganization and structuring of urban transport. Its cost was 45 000 euros. As Senator Arnell and Territorial Transport Advisor Louis Fleming have recalled, the construction of this bus station was a long-term endeavor. From now on, the bus drivers of the Community have a quality work tool through which they can offer a better service to their customers. This working tool must also be respected and maintained so that it can retain its prerogatives to welcome users. The president of the association of bus drivers, Christian Lainez, for his part, thanked the Community of Saint-Martin for the provision of this new bus station, while assuring the elected officials of the will of drivers to comply with regulations in the field of transport, in particular the bus stops set up by the Collectivité. On the other hand, he reiterated his wish to see the public authorities step up the fight against the illegal passenger transport, which strongly penalizes this sector of activity.
At the end of the inauguration speeches, a plaque bearing the name of Antoine Julien Gumbs was unveiled by the elected officials, who chose to highlight a bus driver Saint-Martin recognized for his exemplary journey. "In my opinion, it is more appropriate to honor a person in his lifetime rather than after his death, and I know that all of you present here will respect this choice of the Community of Saint Martin," said William Arnell . Antoine Gumbs said a few words, thanking the audience for this great honor.
The bus station Antoine Gumbs is therefore operational, the transport by bus is gradually structured, and the users can now dispose of a welcoming and equipped with amenities.

Antoine Julien Gumbs, a driver known for his career.
Antoine Julien Gumbs worked as a bus driver in Saint-Martin for several decades. Considered one of the best drivers of the island, Mr. Gumbs is a recognized figure of the trade and deserved as such the homage paid by the Community of Saint Martin.
Here is his biography:
Born on 14 June 1927 in Saint Martin, Antoine Julien Gumbs comes from a family of eight children, and a mother became centenary. He is a native of Rambaud where he took care during his young years of the cattle of the family. He also made coal to support his family.
In 1945: At the age of 18 years, Antoine leaves for Aruba where he worked for the company LAGO Island Transport Company, as operator of heavy vehicles, during 9 years.
In 1955: On his return to Saint Martin, he brings back a truck-bus that many have known, called "Hum ming Burd". The truck had two compartments, one for passenger transport and one for freight transport.
In 1958: Antoine Gumbs begins school transport in the morning, and during the day the transport of goods for the public sector and the private sector.
In 1960: He works at the Belle Creole with Mr Deldevert as a heavy equipment operator.
In 1967: Antoine Gumbs buys a new Ford-brand bus to transport more passengers. He provided this service for 20 years.
In 1970: He buys a Ford brand truck with which he continues to transport goods for the construction of the hotel Grand Case Beach Club, and the transport of parcels that arrived from Guadeloupe on the port of Galisbay by the Delle-Grease.
During the years 60 and 70: Antoine Gumbs has learned to lead to many adults, as well as young teenagers, including his boys, who drive from an early age. In this capacity and because of his unique experience, Antoine Gumbs is considered one of the best drivers of the island.
In 1978: Due to political differences, his contract of school transport is stopped by the municipality. Despite this, he continues to work to feed his children and directs his career towards private transport (for churches, funerals and other services). His bus will remain over 40 years in service.
In 1987: Antoine Gumbs buys a new Toyota bus, with which he will ensure the public transport immediately identifiable by his faithful passengers thanks to the red flag fixed on the antenna and his famous number 13 on the windscreen.
In 2007: It is retirement time for Antoine Gumbs who does not fail to greet a long sign of the hand his regulars to signal his intention to stop. A remarkable memory that everyone still remembers.
Antoine Gumbs is pleased to give his name to the new Saint-Martin bus station, which has all the categories of driving licenses, and which has successfully managed its successive vehicles for more than 70 years !

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