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The Collectivité de Saint-Martin was present at the Paris Fair, from 29 April to 08 May 2016. Since the Paris Trade Fair was the first commercial and festive event in Europe with its 600000 visitors, the territorial executive considered it opportune for our overseas collectivity to take advantage of the exceptional visibility of this national event.

Associated with the Tourist Office and the CCISM, the Collectivité of Saint-Martin was able to highlight the many talents of the island, culinary, artistic and artisanal, including the presence on the booth of Musical groups Gunslingers and Beaulogne Combo, singer Lydia Lawrence and local artisans.

Coordinated jointly by the Maison de Saint-Martin in Paris and the Tourist Office, the animation of the stand was particularly dynamic. The Saint-Martin stand was visited by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, who appreciated the local dishes, the French overseas minister, George Pau-Langevin, who came to greet the enthusiasm of Saint-Martin, The deputy of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin Daniel Gibbs, and the senator of Saint-Martin, Guillaume Arnell, both delighted to see their territory exposed in Paris.
The organizers of the stand did not forget the key objective of this participation: highlighting the assets of Saint-Martin. The Tourist Office has provided the promotional part with the tourism potential of the destination, while a commercial and artisanal area was reserved for the merchants and artisans of Saint Martin to promote their know-how. Tasting of local dishes (coconut pies, bush tea, Journey Cakes and Guavaberry punch) were offered on the stand, which attracted visitors.
Dedicated to the tropics, Pavilion III flared up at the end of the week, with the musical animation "Terre de Tropiques" and the final parade, which included the Gunslingers and the Beaulogne Combo.
Through this initiative, the community of Saint-Martin has chosen to highlight Saint-Martin's identity in France, and to promote local tourism, culture and music, with the aim of generating interest For the destination. The economic aspect was not to be outdone, as the local companies that made the trip, Alpha Charpente, Atelier du Fiber, Luxuria Travel and Semsamar, were able to take advantage of the economic potential of the Paris Fair.

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