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The Community gives an update on the work in secondary schools
The President Daniel Gibbs and the vice-president in charge of School Affairs Mrs Annick Pétrus, received the Heads of Establishment of the second degree, this Monday 27 August, to take stock of the reconstruction work undertaken during the summer holidays. A similar meeting will take place in the middle of the week with school principals.

The Community mobilized for the holidays period to be used for the reconstruction of the damaged institutions by Irma. The goal of the territorial executive was to make every effort to ensure that each student calmly returned to school. President Gibbs has always mentioned the implementation of all possible actions to "optimize" the September 2018 back to school in this unprecedented context, recalling that an optimization is to find the best possible situation in a given context.

Delays are indeed to be deplored in the work that is still going on in the four secondary schools. However, the Collectivité makes every effort to ensure that each student is welcomed in the best possible conditions at the beginning of September. Without forsaking its share of responsibility in this situation, the Collectivité regrets that some mandated companies have not taken the measure of the issue of the mission that was entrusted to them by contract. Back to school under optimized conditions was a matter for everyone:

    The Public Procurement Authority, after assessing the needs, awarded the lots and signed the purchase orders;
    The architects and / or architects who have made the diagnoses and commissioned the companies;
    The companies mandated to carry out the work.

The "summer vacations" factor played against worksites undertaken

This period of July and August, in fact the most conducive to carrying out major work in schools, also corresponds to the period when everyone takes their annual leave.

"This is the only time for the community to safely intervene without the presence of students. Once the contracts are over, we are linked with the companies that won them. Certainly, there are penalties of delay which are planned and applied when the building sites do not begin as planned, but in front of the very strong demand for works in this period of reconstruction, as much on the part of the individuals as that of the public organisms , construction companies respond to many requests and sometimes get in trouble to be able to carry out this work in time. We have certainly considered breaking some contracts with companies that were accumulating too late where they were not present at the site meetings, but in this case, the work would have been delayed by 3 minimum additional months, the deadline to pass a new market, "explains Vice President Annick Petrus, who also wishes to highlight the very good work done by the majority of companies that have managed to meet their deadlines.

In fact, some works that should have started in July, started in August, which led to a delay in implementation and pushes some sites to September.

The Community is reassuring towards the entire educational community, while calling for a certain indulgence in the face of this situation caused by the Irma disaster that devastated public buildings at 95%. She recalls also that it works in full consultation with all the services concerned including those of the State, heads of schools and educational teams, parents of students, and companies mandated for the work.

However, including the impatience of teachers and parents, Vice President Annick Pétrus stresses that a protest movement at the start of the school year would only delay the care of students.

State of play of colleges and high schools

The Collectivité has little concern for Orleans District College, where the planned work the summer months are nearing completion. Only two classrooms will be missing for September.

The strongest concerns are the other three high schools. The Algecos provided for Robert Weinum School Complex in Savannah are not installed. Four of them funded by the Collective have been delivered, but considering safety standards it is necessary to strengthen the ground fixings with heavy steel. The company in charge of this mission encountered difficulties in the shipping of this heavy steel. She assured the Community that 2 prefabricated classes will be installed for the start of the school year, and two more in the process. The Fondation de France is funding the installation of six other Algecos that will be delivered within a few weeks and will complete the temporary classrooms. For the vice-president, pending the arrival of these six Algecos additional, the four funded by the Community (60m2) are sufficient to accommodate all students of the Cité Scolaire which hosts two colleges and a high school.

With regard to the Polyvalent High School of the North Islandsat Concordia, he should have recovered 65% of his classrooms (against 50% of the classrooms that were operational last June). At the beginning of September, the technical workshops and their classrooms will be rehabilitated for the new school year. Problems remain for the rest of the establishment where delays have been made in the repair of electrical circuits; other trades, especially for false ceilings and plasterboard walls could not work. The repairs on the roof will begin next week and the company in charge of the installation of aluminum joinery is at work. Concerning the rooms dedicated to the catering-hotel, as well as the CDI and the multipurpose room, as scheduled, the work will be undertaken after the start of the school year and should be completed during the 2018 / 2019 school year. A work schedule will soon be elaborated by the mandated design office. As long as the work is not completed in the restaurant and the kitchen, the students enrolled in the restoration courses will continue to practice their practical classes at the Central Kitchen.

For the College of Mont des Accordsat Concordia, the work done will enable us to recover about 10% of additional classes, thus moving to about 50% of the operating rooms in this establishment. A very tight occupation plan for these classes, optimizing timetables, has been put in place so that the situation does not penalize students or teaching teams.

Photo caption 1: The president and the vice-president meet the head teachers of the 2nd degree, the representative of the rector Michel Sanz and Christian Climent Pons, in charge of the State of the follow-up of the reconstruction of the school buildings.

Photo caption 2: At the Concordia Professional High School, the technical workshops and their classrooms are rehabilitated and will be ready to welcome students back to school

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