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The school city officially inaugurated!
The school city officially inaugurated!
The Robert Weinum school complex was inaugurated on Monday 04 July 2016 by President Aline Hanson, Prefect Anne Laubies, parliamentarians Daniel Gibbs and Guillaume Arnell, Rector of the Academy of Guadeloupe Camille Galap, local elected representatives, Semsamar, Marie-Paule Bélénus-Romana and the entire educational community of Saint-Martin.

The project of creating a school city was born under the previous mandate and was concretized under the present one. This unifying project was a necessity, unanimously adopted by the elected representatives of the territory in the interest of the students of Saint Martin and by the educational community which had long awaited this achievement.
For example, the Robert Weinum school complex was opened at the beginning of the 2016 school year, with a 400 school and a 550 high school. The aim of this project was to relieve congestion at Marigot high school and college and to offer students optimal learning conditions.

The school's principal, Frantz Gumbs, organized the operation of the school district under the auspices of the Rectorate so that the students and the teaching staff alike benefit from a learning environment adapted to their needs. After 6 months of operation, the establishment is unanimous thanks to its very ventilated layout, its spacious and equipped classrooms, its modern and functional sports complex, and quality teaching.
The inauguration of the building was an opportunity for local elected representatives to recall the stakes of this structuring achievement for the territory, whose construction was financially supported by European funds and the state up to 14,8 M €. The community of Saint-Martin has contributed the remainder of the financing, which amounts to 20M €.
After highlighting the strengths of the school city, President Aline Hanson paid a tribute to the late Robert Weinum, a well-known personality in Saint-Martin, whose building bears the name. Present at the inauguration, the children and grandchildren of Mr. Weinum were greatly touched by the honors given to their grandfather.

After the usual speeches, the guests were invited to the unveiling of the commemorative plaques of this inauguration day, one for the college, the other for the high school. The guests then viewed a film about the genesis of the project before sharing the glass of friendship and attending the musical show and traditional dances given by Gunslingers and Grain d'Or.

A p
A p - 2016-06-27
President Aline Hanson and Michel Sanz, the representative of the rector, officially launched the creation of a hotel-restaurant-tourism excellence center in Saint-Martin, during a joint press conference, the 24 June 2016. A project supported by the French overseas minister George Pau-Langevin, who herself announced the creation of the pole of excellence by press. The first action within the pole of excellence is the implementation to count ...
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Collectivit - 2016-01-04
After the site visits organized by the Community, the 2 July and the 9 December 2015 to the attention of all the members of the school community, the beginning of the classes took place in the school city, this Monday 4 January 2016 , As promised by the President of the Collectivity. This re-entry, scheduled for a long time with the authorities of the rectorate, was marked by a strike notice filed by trade unions ...
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Coll - 2015-03-05
25 pupils of 6e and 5e of the college Soualiga of Cul de Sac On Thursday morning, the director of Education Médhi BOUCARD and the representatives of the Youth and Sports Services of the Community, Priscilla BADE, Jean-Marc GERVAIS and Wendy GUMBS, Under the aegis of President Aline HANSON - 25 students of 6e and 5e of the college Soualiga de Cul de Sac, in order to present to them the functioning of the institutions of the Republic in Saint Martin. Gathered in ...
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Children of the P
Children of the P - 2015-02-22
The Caribbean folklore! Desirous of perpetuating the Caribbean folklore with the children of the Collective Schools of Saint-Martin, the CTOS proposed to the children of the periscolaire, to take an active part in the parade of the Carnival of the children programmed on Sunday 8 February 2015 by the Committee of Carnival Festivities of Saint-Martin (FCDSM). The children wore costumes according to the theme chosen by each welcome ...
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The new Rector Camille Galap
The new Rector Camille Galap - 2015-02-02
He wants to invest for Saint-Martin The 1er vice-president Guillaume Arnell received in collectivity, Thursday 29 January 2015, the rector of Academy Camille Galap, which took his new functions last December. A particularly vigorous speech which enabled the Vice-President to present, on behalf of President Hanson, urgent files for our territory. This first interview carried out in the presence of the technicians of the Collectivity - the DGA of the cluster of ...
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The - 2014-11-16
Exhibition "Saint-Martin of yesterday and today" Thursday 13 last November, the children of the periscolaire and the library of schools have joined together to present an exhibition entitled "Saint-Martin of yesterday and today 'Hui' at the Hervé Williams 2 elementary school, as part of the Saint-Martin's Day festivities. As Maryse Burnett, director of the school's periscolaire ...
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The building site of the
The building site of the - 2014-10-19
The steering committee of the La Savane school complex Thursday 9 October 2014: The steering committee of the school complex - currently under construction at the Savane site in Grand Case - made a bi-weekly site visit to review the The progress of work in progress. President Aline Hanson and the services of the Collective, Prefect Philippe Chopin and his services, the Rectorate represented by Mr. Jean-Marie Jespère and Mr. Frantz Gumbs, the Semsamar, ...
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rentr - 2014-09-04
9482 students enrolled in our schools The school year 2014 / 2015 generally went well, our Community records 5476 pupils enrolled in the first degree and 4006 pupils enrolled in the second degree, bringing the total number of enrollees to 9482 pupils . This figure may still change, with the final score of the number of actual pupils expected on Tuesday 9 in September. Only negative on the board, the ...
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