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First school attendance: The students returned to school
Under the authority of President Daniel Gibbs and the Vice-President in charge of Education, Mrs. Annick Pettrus, the Community of St. Martin has made every effort to meet the expectations of the students of Saint Martin. In agreement with the Rector of Academy Camille Galap and his services, the beginning of the classes took place this Monday 3 October 02.

Four schools were selected for this first step towards a return to class. The college and elementary schools Clair Saint-Maximin and Omer Arrondell in Quartier d'Orléans, as well as the Cité Scolaire. These establishments fulfilled the necessary safety and hygiene measures for the reception of pupils and national education personnel. At the elementary school Clair St Maximin, the principal presented the children with the program of activities planned for the pedagogical project developed for Saint-Martin by the education services, namely a reception of the pupils of CE2, CM1 and CM2 in the morning from 8 hours to 10h30 and from CP and CE1 students from 11 hours to 13h30.

In class, it was above all a question of encouraging speech in the first place so that the children could express themselves on the passage of hurricane Irma. Then ten workshops will be offered to the students (reading, computer science, educational games, sciences, etc.), until the holidays of All Saints' Day.At the college of Quartier d'Orléans, classes of 4th and 3ième are welcomed from 8 hours 11h30 and those of 6th and 5th from 13h30 to 16 hours.

At the Cité scolaire, the students of 6th, 5ème and 4ième, as well as the pupils of Seconde are expected from 13h30 to 16 hours. High school students, 1ière de Terminale and BTS are welcomed from 8 hours to 11h30.
The Rectorate plans to open more schools by next week. Everything will be implemented for a gradual return to normal by the coming of the holidays of All Saints' Day.

Postponement of the date of return
Postponement of the date of return - 2017-09-03
Due to the major cyclonic phenomenon IRMA, which is expected to impact the northern islands on 5 in September, it was decided, in conjunction with the prefect of the Guadeloupe region, the rector of the academy, and the presidents of the communities, to shift the date from the start of the school year to Saint-Barthélémy and Saint-Martin. This decision, taken in anticipation, aims to allow the population to prepare as best as possible for the arrival of ...
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The COM honors the Laur
The COM honors the Laur - 2017-07-28
On Friday 28 July, President Daniel Gibbs honored the 2016-2017 school year exams. He was surrounded by his vice-president Annick Pétrus, in charge of education, the prefect Anne Laubies, and elected representatives of the territorial council. The atmosphere in the MJC's Sandy Ground theater was particularly festive this Friday night, with more than 200 young people present surrounded by their families who came to support them. So...
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D - 2017-07-17
The community honors 5 personalities of the national education, for their end of career! On Thursday 13 July 2017, President Daniel GIBBS and Vice-President Annick PETRUS paid tribute to 5 personalities of the National Education, on their retirement. Having worked for the entire community, these 5 personalities recognized and appreciated in Saint-Martin received a present from the ...
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Overseas Campus 2016
Overseas Campus 2016 - 2016-09-05
The second edition of the Overseas Campus brought together more 3000 ultramarine students, Saturday 03 September 2016, in the Gardens of the French Overseas Department, rue Oudinot in Paris. It was the new Minister of Overseas France, Ericka Bareigts, who welcomed the many guests. The Maison de Saint-Martin and the association Pélicarus have, once again, pooled their resources to participate in this event, with the common objective of providing logistical assistance to young people ...
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The - 2016-07-07
The Robert Weinum school complex was inaugurated on Monday 04 July 2016 by President Aline Hanson, Prefect Anne Laubies, parliamentarians Daniel Gibbs and Guillaume Arnell, Rector of the Academy of Guadeloupe Camille Galap, local elected representatives, Semsamar, Marie-Paule Bélénus-Romana and the entire educational community of Saint-Martin. The project of creating a school city was born under the previous ...
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A p
A p - 2016-06-27
President Aline Hanson and Michel Sanz, the representative of the rector, officially launched the creation of a hotel-restaurant-tourism excellence center in Saint-Martin, during a joint press conference, the 24 June 2016. A project supported by the French overseas minister George Pau-Langevin, who herself announced the creation of the pole of excellence by press. The first action within the pole of excellence is the implementation to count ...
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Collectivit - 2016-01-04
After the site visits organized by the Community, the 2 July and the 9 December 2015 to the attention of all the members of the school community, the beginning of the classes took place in the school city, this Monday 4 January 2016 , As promised by the President of the Collectivity. This re-entry, scheduled for a long time with the authorities of the rectorate, was marked by a strike notice filed by trade unions ...
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Coll - 2015-03-05
25 pupils of 6e and 5e of the college Soualiga of Cul de Sac On Thursday morning, the director of Education Médhi BOUCARD and the representatives of the Youth and Sports Services of the Community, Priscilla BADE, Jean-Marc GERVAIS and Wendy GUMBS, Under the aegis of President Aline HANSON - 25 students of 6e and 5e of the college Soualiga de Cul de Sac, in order to present to them the functioning of the institutions of the Republic in Saint Martin. Gathered in ...
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