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Blue Week of the 20 at the October 27
Blue Week of the 20 at the October 27
The blue week of 20 at the 27 October Click here to see the program: Week_Bleu_A3 (4) .pdf The blue week is, once a year, the occasion to celebrate the retirees and the elderly. From the 20 to the 27 October 2013, the Community and its partners have developed a program of activities: debate on the rights of users in institutions, exit to the market, breakfast at the Beach Plaza, tour of the island by bus with stop at the Farm To the Butterflies, recreational and sports day and finally Sunday lunch at the Bridge. As every year, a cinema session followed by a snack will be organized by the Sandy Ground Cultural Center.

Love has no age
Love has no age - 2013-07-02
Love has no age Elsie Richardson - everyone knows "Miss Elsie" in Grand-Case - and Abel Bade were married on 20 last July, at 90 and 92 years ago, because Elsie, a practicing Catholic, no longer wanted to "live in sin" After 25 years of common life. Lovers - it shows in their eyes - they met in 1988, while they were both widowers, and did not fight a ...
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Handicap and work
Handicap and work - 2013-04-30
Handicap and work is possible Any person able to work but with a disability, a chronic illness - asthma, diabetes, AIDS, hepatitis ... - a health problem that affects its productivity - rheumatism, problems of sight or hearing ... - but also of a mental handicap, can benefit from the device of recognition of the quality of handicapped worker (RQTH). This device opens ...
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Village of the Sant
Village of the Sant - 2013-04-09
The Lions Club Ile de Saint-Martin Oualichi organized a "Village of Health" on the Marigot Seafront, to raise awareness about the consequences of obesity and food imbalances. The Lions Club Ile de Saint-Martin Oualichi has organized a "Health Village" on the Marigot seafront, to raise awareness about the consequences of obesity and diseases.
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Handicap- Three cards for three cases
Handicap- Three cards for three cases - 2013-03-31
Handicap- Three cards for three cases The Community now issues priority, disability and parking cards. The forms must be removed and handed in at the reception desk of the Solidarity and Family Unit (05 90 29 13 10), accompanied by a medical certificate. In 2012, 90 priority cards, 31 disability cards and 59 parking cards were issued. National Priority Card This map shows ...
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The Community
The Community - 2013-03-06
The Collectivity supports its elders Our life expectancy is constantly improving, thanks to advances in medicine and a better lifestyle, and everyone hopes to live long, of course, but above all in good conditions. This concern for the population is also that of the Community, which allows 134 elderly people to age in their family environment by paying them the APA (personalized autonomy allowance), the total budget of the policy for people. .
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A convention for the benefit of children
A convention for the benefit of children - 2013-01-21
A convention for children The Maison de l'Enfance (MDE), at Concordia, has eight spaces for children in danger. These young people, who are aged between 8 and 18 years, are most often entrusted to the structure by the Juvenile Court, Youth Justice Protection (PJJ) or child welfare, and are experiencing serious difficulties in their family environment. A dozen specialized professionals surround them 24 hours on 24, make sure that their ...
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RSA-The Community
RSA-The Community - 2012-12-31
At the end of the 2012 year, 2 730 beneficiaries collected the Active Solidarity Income (RSA), which represents an expenditure of 13,1 M € for the Community, or about 15% of its total budget! But also 50% of beneficiaries in addition to 31 December 2010, when the RSA replaced the RMI (Minimum Insertion Income) and the API (Single Parent Allocation), while a little more 1800 People in total ...
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