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The blue parking area op
The blue parking area op
The blue parking area in downtown Marigot is experienced from 1er March 2016. The first step is to experiment with this device, aimed at making parking in the city center more fluid. The population is invited to participate actively in the proper functioning of the blue zone, in order to optimize the sharing of parking spaces and facilitate access to shops and services.

The Blue Zone is above all a citizen's initiative. The community of Saint-Martin - Sustainable Development Pole chaired by the 1er Vice-President Guillaume Arnell - has chosen to launch the experimentation phase of the blue parking area in downtown Marigot, from 1er March 2016 . The month of March will mainly serve to distribute the parking disc to motorists and allow them time to familiarize themselves with the device.
Vice President Guillaume Arnell gave a press conference on Friday 26 February 2016 to announce the terms of the device and to invite the population to change its parking habits in the city center. The concept of sharing parking spaces is at the heart of this device to boost the economy of Marigot. The blue zone is the first concrete measure of the project to revitalize downtown Marigot, initiated by the Community in 2014.
The experimental phase which will last until the end of May 2016 will allow motorists to obtain the parking disk from the services of the Community in Marigot and to familiarize themselves with the operation of the blue zone.

With the blue zone, motorists are encouraged to respect a limited free parking area in the heart of the city in order to favor the fluidity of parking, as is done in many French cities. Thus, tourists and people needing access to administrative services or running a race will be able to park more easily. The authorized parking time is one hour and thirty minutes. Vice President Arnell invites the population to respect the blue zone and to accompany the community so that this economic and citizen project is a success for all.

Zone Bleue: Instructions for use

What is the blue zone?
A parking area regulated by duration and entirely free
Limited parking time indicated by an hourly parking disc (1h30)
SeulEs public parking places are affected by the blue zone

Panel P: The blue zone is indicated by a blue marking on the ground and by the installation of road signs at the entrances and exits of the zone.

Disabled or Reserved Places: Private parking spaces and reserved parking spaces (handicapped spaces, delivery areas, and places reserved for donors) are not subject to the limited time parking of the blue zone.

Where is the Blue Zone?
Republic street
Liberty Street
Street of President Kennedy
Street of the General de Gaulle
Rue Victor Maurasse
Street of Saint James
Rue de l'Hôtel-de-ville
Boulevard de France (places N ° 1 to the rue des Pécheurs)

These streets are marked with blue marking on the ground.

Who should apply a parking disc?
Any driver who places his / her vehicle on a spot on the blue zone between 8h and 18h (Monday to Saturday, except Sundays and public holidays) must use the hourly parking disc indicating the time of arrival, including motorcycles , Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, quads.
The maximum authorized parking time in the blue zone is 1h30.
The disc must be visibly affixed to the inside of the left front windshield of the vehicle.
The disc must conform to the approved model approved by the community of Saint-Martin.

Where can I get the parking disqualification?

The parking disks in blue zone will be made available to the public from the 1er March 2016:
At the Hotel de la Collectivity in Marigot
To the territorial police in Marigot
At gas stations: Blue Point at Galisbay, Best Buy Gas at Quartier d'Orléans, Boat services Station at Sandy Ground, Delta Petroleum at La Savane, Orleans Quarter, and the Sandy Ground, Sanchez Bay and Sanchez Bay stations East.

Comply with blue zone regulations
Use a blue zone approved disc (at 1er January 2012)
Do not exceed the authorized parking time
Record accurate time indications
Operational launch of the Blue Zone will be accompanied by a one-month awareness period (March 2016) during which offenders will be given a warning message by their territorial police officers reminding them of the Parking in blue zone. Beyond this period, the absence of a record and the exceeding of the limit of parking will be penalized by a fixed fine of 17 € which can go as far as the removal of the vehicle for parking inconvenient. The cost of traveling and transporting the impounded animal will then be borne by the offender.

Park on the outskirts of the Blue Zone

The organization of parking in the car parks on the outskirts of the city center of Marigot helps to optimize the parking in blue zone of tourists and people wanting to access the shops and services. For example, the car parks of Bellevue, Morne Rond (between Marigot and Sandy Ground) and Galisbay on the waterfront can be used by motorists to park their vehicles outside the blue zone.

7h - 19h: Free shuttle between the city center and the Galisbay car park
A free shuttle will connect the Galisbay car park to the roundabout on the market, from 7h to 19h, Monday to Saturday (except on Sundays and public holidays). Departure of the shuttles every 10 minutes.

The community encourages people working in downtown Marigot to park in the Galisbay parking lot and use the shuttle to access their workplace. The Territorial Police will ensure regular surveillance of the Galisbay car park.

The Community of Saint-Martin thanks you for your active participation in the success of this parking regulation system.

The Pr
The Pr - 2016-02-03
President Aline Hanson and Prefect Anne Laubies received the 20 brigadiers of the Green Brigade on Friday 22 January 2016 in a community to congratulate them for the first results obtained in the cleaning of the littoral. In charge of ridding the beaches of the Sargasses algae, the brigadiers were encouraged in their mission of public service. Framed by the Symphorien Center of insertion of Quartier d'Orléans, chaired by Madame Rousseau, ...
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Tri-s - 2016-01-04
The community of Saint-Martin has embarked on the path of sustainable development and in particular the recycling of household waste for which significant efforts must be made on the territory this year. Thus, on Monday 14 December 2015, President Aline Hanson signed an agreement with the national partner Eco-Emballages, with the aim of energizing the collection and sorting of waste. The collection improvement plan (CAP), initiated at the ...
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A water treatment plant
A water treatment plant - 2015-12-22
The community of Saint-Martin and its Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM), represented respectively by the President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, and the President of the EEASM, Louis Fleming, laid the foundation stone of the New wastewater treatment plant (STEU) of Quartier d'Orléans, Monday 21 December 2015, next to the head of cabinet of the prefect, Emmanuel Effantin. The 1er Minister William Marlin and Minister Angel Mayers of Sint ...
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Collectivit - 2015-12-03
The 1er vice-president Guillaume Arnell, senator of Saint-Martin, and the territorial adviser in charge of Cooperation, Louis Fleming, represented the Collectivité de Saint-Martin at COP 21 in Paris. At the heart of the exchanges between the government and the overseas departments, the two Saint-Martin members were able to expose the problems and the environmental policy of our territory. Aware of the stakes of the COP21, President Aline Hanson wished an effective presence ...
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Green Brigade sargasses
Green Brigade sargasses - 2015-09-28
At the initiative of Deputy Prefect Anne LAUBIES and the President of the Territorial Council of Saint Martin, Aline HANSON, a "green brigade", composed of twenty brigadiers, was set up and set up on Thursday XNUM Preservation of the littoral environments and the collection of brown algae, known as "sargas", which currently affect the coasts of Saint Martin. The schedules of intervention of this new ...
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18 job seekers recruit
18 job seekers recruit - 2015-09-04
In order to respond effectively to the massive stranding of brown algae on our beaches, the Saint Martin Community and the French government have decided to create a green brigade which will come into action at the end of September. Thursday 03 September 2015, the signature of the single contract of insertion between the Employment Pole, the Association Center Symphorien insertion of Quartier d'Orléans and 18 job seekers recruited in assisted contracts, was ...
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25 Territorial Council June 2015
25 Territorial Council June 2015 - 2015-07-07
Major projects of the mandate on the table of the territorial council The Territorial Council of Saint-Martin met in plenary session on Thursday 25 June 2015. With a particularly detailed agenda on the eve of a long holiday, the elected representatives were asked to decide on major deliberations, such as the PLU project, the Marigot Bay project and the project Revitalization of the ...
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Marigot center: The blue parking area will be op
Marigot center: The blue parking area will be op - 2015-06-08
The first measure initiated by President Hanson and his team in the context of the revitalization of downtown Marigot, the creation of a parking zone known as "blue zone" was recorded by the executive board, 05 May 2015. This new territorial regulation will come into force at the end of this year and will concern about 450 parking spaces. Considering the ever increasing growth of the car fleet and the ...
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