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The 9981 youth re-entry was attended by the public schools of the island in June 2013, and the same number was expected for the 2014 school year. About 1389 new students including 653 in kindergarten, 521 in elementary and 215 in primary were expected in the first degree.

With 1153 at the Collège du Mont des Accords, 750 at the Collège Soualiga, 630 at the Collège de Quartier d'Orléans, and 1600 at the Lycée the secondary school population is 4133 pupils, not counting the last minute registrations. New, opening a very small section in the kindergarten of Quartier d'Orléans 1, where 20 children under three years old are greeted by their teacher and a specialized ATSEM, with specific equipment at their disposal. On the other hand, one class closed at Sandy Ground Elementary School, due to downsizing. The director of education, Médhi Boucard, remarks that by including enrollments in private schools, 10 000 young people are enrolled, or a quarter of the population of the island. The Community's technical services have taken advantage of the summer to give a big boost of clean and new in all schools. Some facades, for example, are reduced, as in Grand-Case, Quartier d'Orléans 1 and Evelina Halley. Kindergarten Siméonne Trott has additional toilets. Two prefabricated structures house two specialized classes at the Quartier d'Orléans 1 primary school. Benches decorate the playground at Sandy Ground and, in general, most of the work and repairs requested by school principals was carried out.

At the same time, 200 000 euros were invested in new furniture and teaching materials.

Academic rhythms change Published in January 2013 in the Official Gazette, the 2013-77 decree for the new organization of school time is a national measure that provides for the return of 4,5 days to the 2013 week, ie 9 half-days of time Schooling in kindergarten and elementary school. The day of classes does not exceed 5h30, the half day of Wednesday is fixed to 3h30 and additional educational activities in small groups of children are planned and open to all the youth of 3 to 12 years. At the same time, pupils will be able to benefit from optional extracurricular activities designed to promote equal access for children to sports, intellectual and cultural practices. The main idea is to increase the pleasure of being in school for better success but also to meet the needs of families in terms of childcare and to allow children to discover new situations and to experiment new ones actions.
The Territorial School Works Office (CTOS), chaired by Rosette Gumbs-Lake, manages this extra-curricular time in all elementary schools in collaboration with the Community Education Directorate. Various activities are proposed to children: introduction to new technologies, sports activities, reading and cultural activities, manual and artistic work, board games, music, singing, dance ... Also a supervised study workshop is planned to help Children to carry out their school work in calm and serenity conducive to personal work. All these activities are supervised by an educational and pedagogical team: community and CTOS officers, voluntary teachers, associative partners and professionals, parents and other volunteers. The Community intends to dedicate 450 000 euros to these activities and will receive 90 € of the State per registered child. Recreation facilities will be offered during school holidays: All Saints' Day, Easter and July.
Book-check books, grants, scholarships ... >> 370 book-check books worth 100 euros have been made available to second-class secondary school students by the Collective (second general secondary ARCU, Com Eur, GA1 and GA2;
Seconds CAP EVS). >> Also, a grant from 24 700 euros has been voted to finance the equipment necessary for 247 high school students entering professional section - car, framework, kitchen, carpentry, nautical maintenance, restoration, electrical engineering ...
- for the good pursuit of their school curriculum. >> For 2014, the Community has received 113 applications for territorial scholarship concerning higher education, including 71 first applications from new graduates. This scholarship of a variable amount is calculated according to the social criteria of the family and comes in addition to the CROUS grant. >> Once again this year, the Collectivité will accompany the candidates at the entrance examination to Sciences-Po by financing the travel and stay in Paris of the winners. In 2013, 3 high school students of Saint-Martin were admitted to the prestigious establishment, but one of them withdrew after having passed the entrance examination to a school that he preferred.

New: A class for toddlers They are twenty, born in 2011 and therefore aged less than 3 years, and they have just made their first school year in the kindergarten of Quartier d'Orléans 1, in the first "all Small section "created on the island. The school went smoothly for them, with a meeting on Tuesday just for the parents, then a first individual meeting the next day with the teacher, Delphine Rehault, and the ATSEM, Jacqueline Carti, in the company of Mom or Dad. This meeting made it possible to better know the child and his habits. These pieces of cabbage have a playground just for them and, if they eat lunch in the canteen, they are served a meal adapted to their age at 11 hours, before the other classes.
Most of them are not French-speaking and the teaching is done in French, "but I console in English," says Delphine Rehault with a smile, delighted that Jacqueline Carti mastered English, French, Spanish And Creole. Awakening activities are predominant, the child is free to choose the workshop that he likes and travels a lot in the classroom, the idea of ​​this section put in place in a disadvantaged area is to make love the school And to socialize the child from an early age.

The - 2014-05-29
Opening of 2 classes of Very Small Section As part of the 2014-2015 school year, we inform you about the opening of 2 classes from Very Small Section to Sandy Ground and Grand Case. We will thus proceed to the registration from the 2 June 2014. Only children born between the 1er January and the 31 March 2012 will be accepted in the limit of the places ...
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Council of Education
Council of Education - 2014-03-12
All the actors of education gathered in Community Marigot, 13 March 2014 CABINET OF THE PRESIDENT DIRECTION OF COMMUNICATION Council of Education The whole of the actors of the education gathered in Community Thursday 13 March 2014, stood in Community the first Education Council of the year. Co-chaired by the President of the Territorial Council, Aline HANSON and, the Prefect of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, ...
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rentr - 2013-09-03
In the context of the 2013 school year, President Aline Hanson went to the polyvalent high school to welcome some 200 pupils of second. President Aline Hanson went to the polyvalent high school on the day of the new school year, the 3 September 2013, in order to welcome students of second. The headmaster of the school, Frantz Gumbs, is also present alongside President Hanson, to welcome the ...
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We love the canteen
We love the canteen - 2012-06-01
We like the canteen The lunch break should be for all students the opportunity to regain energy before the afternoon classes but also to have a pleasant time with friends. The Community, in this objective, has built the central kitchen, where 17 cooks prepare 4100 daily meals. This state-of-the-art kitchen has received its European sanitary approval - a first in Saint-Martin - a specification of ...
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