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President Daniel Gibbs announced in preamble of the territorial council on Thursday 29 June 2017, several projects have been launched since its arrival at the head the territorial executive, the 02 last April. The tourist strategy defining the axes of development for the 10 next years was presented to the tourism professionals and representatives of the socio-professional organizations of the territory during a meeting organized by the Community Tourism Directorate at the Beach Hotel in Marigot, on the initiative of the President.
It is a flagship project of the TeamGibbs17 mandate, which made the promise during its election campaign by making strong commitments before the Saint-Martinois to make economic development a top priority of its mandate. To make this presentation, the President surrounded himself with his vice-presidents, Valérie Damaseau and Yawo Nyuiadzi, elected officials and members of his team.

A sustainable tourism strategy
At the origin of the first tourism strategy initiated on the territory in 2010, President Daniel Gibbs wished, from his arrival at the head of the community, to launch the construction of the new tourism strategy, with the will to set the framework of Sustainable development of this key sector of our economy.
After the preparation of the community tax audit that will start in the last quarter of 2017 and the vote of a supplementary budget of 6 million euros which takes into account several flagship measures of the TeamGibbs17 policy project, the President and his majority Have worked on the main economic policy axes, in particular the sustainable tourism strategy with a plan of action on 10 years (2017-2027).
As the President said, "sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations".
The objective is to initiate tourism in the service of Saint-Martin and Saint-Martin, with predefined sustainability criteria, such as respect for ecology, economic viability and ethical and social equity For the populations.
Presented in broad outline to the socio-professionals - who responded many times at the invitation of the President of the community last Thursday - the new strategy was greeted with enthusiasm.

The President spoke of the urgent need to structure the destination, this framework strategy having been built around a coherence of carefully studied actions encompassing all the public policies of our Community: employment, town planning, education , Safety or the environment, while respecting the general interest. Planning on 10 years will reassure investors (local and foreign) on the legal certainty of the chosen orientations.

Creation of a Council and a Tourism Committee at the beginning of the school year
Once the strategy has been validated by the Territorial Council at the beginning of the school year, a Tourism Council and a Tourism Committee will be set up to steer its implementation. The contributions of elected representatives, community leaders and professionals in the sector will then enrich the content of the strategic axes selected, with a view to transversality and consultation with those who are in the front line.
"An economic development plan will be launched with the same aim, with the aim of defining a strategic roadmap for the traditional sectors of activity of Saint Martin (fishing - agriculture - crafts) and to guarantee a Better diversification of our economy, particularly in innovative areas such as digital or energy transition. "He explained.
With the support of socio-professionals, President Daniel Gibbs also mentioned his intention to give a clear, coherent and realistic vision to tourism professionals, investors and institutional partners, again according to the working method that characterizes it: simplification, Coherence and effectiveness.

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President Aline Hanson is currently traveling to Cuba as part of the 7 Summit of the Association of Caribbean States, held in Havana, from 02 to 04 June 2016. The President was the first of the delegations invited to tread Cuban soil on Tuesday night. She was welcomed on the tarmac at the Jose Marti airport in Havana by the Cuban Minister of Justice Maria Esther REUS. The President welcomed a ...
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French NATO Party
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The overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin and the Tourist Office of Saint-Martin participated, Thursday 26 May 2016, in the "French Party" organized by the Representation of France to NATO. This promotional event, which 1500 was expected to host, was held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. The French Party aims to promote the culture, artisanal, culinary and technological know-how of the ...
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Tourism Training
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The President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, the President of the Tourist Office, Jeanne Vanterpool-Rogers and the Head of Education, Michel Sanz, officially launched the "Teaching tourism in Saint-Martin" 'A ceremony, held at the hotel of the community, on Tuesday 12 April 2016. 25 teachers are currently taking this training, which will allow them to teach tourism in the colleges of the island, ...
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