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The RSMA of Guadeloupe
The RSMA of Guadeloupe
Little is known, but the educational curricula of the RSMA (Antillean Military Service Regime) of the Antilles (and more precisely of the Jaille in Guadeloupe) that benefit young volunteers are most often in line with the needs of companies especially during periods of strong need for labor as is the case in a more or less long phase of reconstruction and restart of activity after the passage of a major hurricane.
The numbers of the RSMA were present for the clearance of the roads of Saint-Martin in the first hours after the hurricanes and each one was able to observe their "rigor and their engagement" as indicated by Colonel Pelissier, Head of RSMA of Guadeloupe, during a conference with the socio-professionals of the island.
The latter, invited by Colonel Pelissier and received in collectivity by the 2 Vice-President Yawo Nyuiadzi, in charge of economic development, were able to receive information on the 30 trades taught by the RSMA, ranging from body-painting to the driving of road vehicles, through the sanitary installation or even the carpentry in building.
Surrounded by a few of his collaborators, including two training officers, Colonel PELISSIER indicated that the RSMA will begin a "Hotel Chain" program in December 2017, including training of reception agents, cooks and waiters.
Open to all new "ideas of curriculum" the Head of Corps said he was listening to the needs of the entrepreneurs, not without recalling the modalities and the constraints with regard to the creation of new programs.

With a professional reintegration rate of 82% (in 2016) the RSMA is a serious alternative for young people looking for benchmarks and professional future. All training courses are available on the website or with Major Dominique TARSIA (

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President Daniel GIBBES and Vice-President Annick PETRUS, in charge of Solidarity and Families of the Community, invited on Tuesday 16 May 2017, the leaders of the association Le Manteau de Saint-Martin and the representative of the State , to participate in a working meeting with the community services on the situation of the association. As a prelude to the meeting, the President welcomed the work of the volunteers and ...
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Visiting the country on Friday 28 October 2016, the Minister of Labor, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue, met with President Aline Hanson during an exchange of 45 minutes The Community Hotel on priority issues. The Minister then co-signed with the President the 500 000 training agreement, before going to the site of the future Local Mission of Insertion, Concordia, for the installation of the 1 ...
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