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Driving license Saint-Martin
Driving license Saint-Martin
Available in November
At the end of September, Mr. Louis Fleming, Territorial Councilor in charge of Transport, and Mr. Jean Arnell, co-manager of Computech, traveled to Finland to meet the Finnish company Gemalto, partner of Computech for the production of the new Driving license Saint-Martin.
By this move in Europe, it was necessary to finalize the last decisions and to validate the specifications of the new license (Quality Assurance Plan, validation of the security elements of the card, validation of the data exchange protocol and order of production).

This trip was organized by the company Computech, to which the Community entrusted the design and realization of the new driving license of Saint-Martin. For the production of the securities, Computech has attached the services of the company Gemalto, world leader in electronic security.
The Vantaa plant in Finland specializes in the manufacture of driver's licenses, identity documents, biometric passports and other secure documents for many countries including the European Union. The new Saint-Martin driving license will therefore comply with the requirements of the European directive, ie a multi-layered polycarbonate card with an electronic chip.

Last month, the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL) passed on to the local authorities the deliberation authorizing the Saint Martin Community to put into operation the new software for managing the driving license of Saint Martin, developed By Computech.
The first drivers' licenses, in credit card format, will be delivered in November 2014. The precise date of circulation will be communicated to the population by the services of the Community of Saint Martin.

Photo caption: Mr. Jean Arnell, Computech; Anna-Maija Muroke, Plant Manager; Mr. Louis Fleming, Territorial Council of Saint-Martin.

Why a new driver's license?
By its 3 directive of 20 December 2006, the European Union has imposed on Member States a harmonization of the 130 models of existing driving licenses, since 19 January 2013. The current 38 millions of driving licenses (pink licenses) will be valid until 20 January 2033.
The new driver's license in the "credit card" format is valid 15 years (5 years for trucks and public transport). It contains an electronic chip and an MRZ tape that better control fraud. The chip contains the only visible information on the title, namely: the driver's civil status, the date of issue and the number of the title, the categories obtained, as well as any restrictions on the right to drive Glasses, equipped vehicle ??). It does not contain fingerprints, neither the capital of the points nor the history of the PV.
The Saint Martin permit has the particularity of not having points. The Saint-Martin resident will have the choice to retain his national point license or to apply (from November 2014) for a Saint-Martin permit from the Transport Department of the Community.

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Sunday 14 September 2014 The Community of Saint-Martin and the Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) inform the population that work will be carried out on the sewage network, this Sunday 14 September 2014, between 6 hours to 18 hours, Level of the crossroads of the Rue de la République and the Boulevard de France (in front of La Vie en Rose). This work will lead to the closing of the crossroads and the implementation of a diversion by the Rue de la Liberté for motorists arriving from Rue de la Liberté.
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