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Return message
Return message
On this first day of classes, I extend my best wishes to the teaching staff, to the management and teaching staff, and to all the territorial agents assigned to the schools of Saint Martin. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to teachers who are taking up their new position on our territory.

I also wish very good return to the parents' associations and the trade unions; With a special message for the parents to whom I ask to follow with the greatest attention the schooling of their children. I also ask them to create a favorable framework for studying within the family home and to ensure that children enjoy a balanced meal at the interclass.

I want to reassure the actors of education on the will of the community to do everything possible to create optimum conditions for learning for the pupils with a permanent listening to the needs of each one.

I know that each one of you will give the best of himself for the educational success of the students and I thank you for it, because we all strive towards the same goal: to accompany our youth towards excellence.

Finally, I turn to the students who we hope for. I wish them an excellent return and I encourage them to work tirelessly for the sake of their own success. I also ask them to adopt exemplary behavior at school and also in school transport so that they also participate in a calm and studious atmosphere within the school. In particular, I am addressing the great ones who have to set an example for the younger generation, by adopting citizen behaviors towards their peers and respecting the school environment.

I know I can count on the goodwill of all. Very good school year to all!

Pr - 2016-08-22
As is the case every year, elected representatives of the territorial council representing the community on the boards of the colleges and lycées, accompanied by the services, began pre-school visits to ensure the successful completion of the annual work program In school buildings (valued at 5 million euros over the period 2016-2020). In this context, President Aline Hanson, the advisors ...
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Evening - 2016-07-18
As every year, the Community of Saint-Martin wished to highlight the investment of Saint-Martin's students who graduated this year, organizing the Laureates' Night on Friday 22 July 2016 at the Sandy Ground Cultural Center. Present for the occasion, many elected officials and the prefect Anne Laubies, hailed the success of young graduates and invited them to continue their efforts along the way.
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