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Return message
Return message
"My Vice-President in charge of Education, Mrs Annick PETRUS, my team and myself, would like to wish an excellent return to classes for all Saint-Martin students who will start on Monday morning schools of 1er degree or who will integrate the colleges and lycées of Saint-Martin.
After a well-deserved vacation, I invite students to do their best to succeed in school and strive for excellence in everything they do. We wish them perseverance in their day-to-day work in the classroom, adopting exemplary behavior with the teachers, and thus putting every chance on their side to succeed in their year.
We know that we can count on the involvement of the teaching staff and the teaching teams, to accompany the learning of our young people. As such, we extend a warm welcome to the new head teachers and new teachers in Saint-Martin. We invite them to take the time to discover our beautiful territory, to measure its specificities and needs, to better understand the youth of this territory, whose bilingualism and endearing character are real strengths.
We encourage the vitality of our young people so that they can not only accomplish a successful school career, but also realize whatever path they take in their future lives. They can count on the community that is at their side and who will be even more involved over the next five years in supporting the younger generation. This investment will be visible through concrete actions during our mandate, but also by the provision of a school environment adapted to their needs.
In this respect, the community carried out work during the long holidays in order to prepare the establishments and to favor a secure and learning environment. We will continue to strive to improve everyone's everyday lives and stay tuned to move forward together, building on the skills of the community.
I wanted my elected representatives to be present at the beginning of the school year, to welcome the students and encourage them, but also to listen attentively to the messages of parents and school supervisors.
Parents, whose educational role remains crucial, require constant attention to the education of your children and to ensure that they can study in good conditions at home.
To the community staff assigned to schools, I know that the task is not easy every day, but I also know how to count on your commitment to my side to give the best of you and the public service.
To you all, I wish once again an excellent start of classes and a successful school year. ".
Your President,

Daniel GIBBS

Return message
Return message - 2016-08-31
On this first day of classes, I extend my best wishes to the teaching staff, to the management and teaching staff, and to all the territorial agents assigned to the schools of Saint Martin. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to teachers who are taking up their new position on our territory. I also wish a very good return to the associations of parents of pupils and the trade union organizations;
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Pr - 2016-08-22
As is the case every year, elected representatives of the territorial council representing the community on the boards of the colleges and lycées, accompanied by the services, began pre-school visits to ensure the successful completion of the annual work program In school buildings (valued at 5 million euros over the period 2016-2020). In this context, President Aline Hanson, the advisors ...
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Evening - 2016-07-18
As every year, the Community of Saint-Martin wished to highlight the investment of Saint-Martin's students who graduated this year, organizing the Laureates' Night on Friday 22 July 2016 at the Sandy Ground Cultural Center. Present for the occasion, many elected officials and the prefect Anne Laubies, hailed the success of young graduates and invited them to continue their efforts along the way.
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