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Modification of the timetables of the ban
Modification of the timetables of the ban
At the end of the cooperation meeting held at the hotel of the community of Saint Martin, on Monday 25 September 2017, President Daniel Gibbs, Prefect Anne Laubies, Governor of Sint Maarten Eugene Holiday , Minister of Justice Raphael Boasman and Minister of Tourism of Sint Maarten Melissa Arrindell-Doncher, decided by common agreement to change the timetable of the curfew, from this evening (note: Monday 25 September).
The Sint-Maarten curfew and the St. Martin prohibition are now synchronized on the following times: 21 hours - 6 hours, until Monday 02 October 2017.
This measure, jointly with the two territories, is taken within the framework of cross-border cooperation and the security of persons in the absence of public lighting.

Screening of the film by Jeunesse Soualiga
Screening of the film by Jeunesse Soualiga - 2017-07-13
Commissioned by the CLSPD, the Local Council for the Safety and the Prevention of the Delinquency, the film The Choice of a Life, realized by the association Youth Soualiga, was presented this evening in a cinema full to bursting. Many young people had made the trip at the invitation of the association Youth Soualiga making this event a very successful. The President of the community, Mr. Daniel ...
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CLSPD continues construction and field operations
CLSPD continues construction and field operations - 2016-12-19
The Local Council of Security and Prevention of Crime (CLSPD) of Saint Martin met in plenary session, Wednesday 07 December 2016, at the hotel of the community. A council chaired by President Aline HANSON alongside the prefect Anne LAUBIES and the public prosecutor of Basse-Terre Samuel FINIELZ. Presents around the table, the 1er vice president Guillaume ARNELL, the representatives of the forces ...
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10 territorial police re
10 territorial police re - 2016-11-18
Thursday 10 November 2016, on the sidelines of the commemoration of the Armistice of the XNUMWorld War, the Prefect Anne LAUBIES and the President Aline HANSON handed over to the 1 policemen who had received their pre-arming training (FPA) Authorization to carry a weapon. These ten policemen are now armed and in full exercise of their function. Delivered by the regional delegation of the National Center of the Territorial Public Function (CNFPT), ...
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Beautiful Success
Beautiful Success - 2016-10-20
The Security Meetings, organized by the state services with the logistical support of the community, met with great public success, the 14 last October. Alongside the prefect Anne Laubies, the territorial councilor Louis Fleming, who represented the territorial executive, participated in the opening of the event. The elected representative recalled the role of the institutions in the field of ...
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Training Territorial Police Officers
Training Territorial Police Officers - 2016-07-12
President Aline Hanson received on Monday 11 July 2016, ten territorial policemen who had just completed their pre-arming training (FPA). Since 2015, the community of Saint-Martin has inflated the ranks of its territorial police, increasing its workforce from 22 to 32 policemen. This initiative is part of the professionalization of territorial agents with the aim of strengthening the means of prevention on the territory. Delivered by the delegation ...
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Meeting SNSM and Vice-Admiral Niogret
Meeting SNSM and Vice-Admiral Niogret - 2016-03-29
President Aline Hanson received in college on Thursday 24 March 2016 Vice-Admiral Thierry Niogret, Inspector General of 70 stations of the National Society of Rescue in the Sea of ​​the North Sea, Channel and Overseas . This courtesy visit took place in the presence of René-Jean Duret, in his capacity as President of the SNSM and Jean-Claude Van Rymenant, Vice-President. Having come to meet the men and women of the SNSM of the West Indies, Vice-Admiral Thierry ...
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The territorial police and the national gendarmerie formalize their partnership
The territorial police and the national gendarmerie formalize their partnership - 2015-12-21
It was with the prefect Anne Laubies and General Bertrand Soubelet, in charge of the gendarmerie overseas, that the 2 Vice-President Ramona Connor signed the partnership agreement between the gendarmerie and the territorial police, 10 December 2015. It was through this signature to formalize a partnership already existing in practice. Indeed, the gendarmerie and the territorial police have long exchanged information and work in synergy on the ground, with ...
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Guillaume Arnell advocates stronger justice
Guillaume Arnell advocates stronger justice - 2015-01-22
Thursday 22 January 2015 "On Thursday 22 January 2015, I spoke in the general discussion on the bill on the modernization and simplification of the law and procedures in the fields of justice and home affairs. On the sidelines of this speech, I spoke with the counselors of the Garde-des-Sceaux, Madame Christiane Taubira, about the difficulties of justice in Saint-Martin. This intervention was an opportunity for me to appreciate ...
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