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New driver's license
New driver's license
The Community has launched its first sessions of the Highway Code As part of the Transport competence it has been awarded in 2012, the Community of Saint-Martin is now in charge of organizing the sessions of the Code de la route road.
On Friday 17 October 2014, the territorial adviser in charge of transport, Mr Louis Fleming, accompanied by Marie-Line Hugues, Director of Transport, had invited the press to the CCISM in order to publicize the first session of the road code organized by the community.
It is in the great room of the CCISM that are organized the sessions of the code of the road. Specific software has been installed by Computech to enable the Driving Department of the Transport Directorate to organize these new sessions, in partnership with the Driving Authorities Service (STTC) responsible for the registration of all new candidates To the driving license. Driving schools can now apply for driver's license applications directly from the Community's STTC service.
The frequency of sessions of the Highway Code will be consistent with the number of candidates registered by the driving schools. The sessions are conducted in French, with a bimonthly session in English for non-French speakers. Examination of the code in hand, candidates will be able to register for the driving test, which will be provided by a state inspector dispatched from Guadeloupe.
The new French license issued in Saint-Martin, which has the particularity of not including points, will be valid throughout France. It will be available at the end of November 2014, it will be enough to ask the service STTC.
The Community thanks the CCISM for the loan of the room.

Conf - 2014-10-27
Active participation of St. Martin in workshops The High Mass on biodiversity and climate change, held from 22 to 25 October 2014 in continuity of the Reunion conference in 2008, gathered in Guadeloupe 200 representatives 34 Communities Overseas delegations, including the delegation of Saint-Martin, led by the 2 Vice-President Ramona Connor. Jointly organized by the secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity ...
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Installation of the AGOA Management Board
Installation of the AGOA Management Board - 2014-10-27
Ségolène Royal welcomes the projects of Saint-Martin! Ségolène Royal, the Minister of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy, chaired the Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change, held in Guadeloupe from 22 on 25 October 2014, Installation of the Management Board of the Marine Mammal Sanctuary AGOA. As a member of the Management Board of the Marine Mammal Sanctuary AGOA, the Collective ...
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Draft Code of Town Planning
Draft Code of Town Planning - 2014-10-20
Pre-project Click on the following link to read the Urban Planning Code: 2014 10 12 CU Project ...
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The - 2014-10-08
Work in progress Update on ongoing work on the drinking water system The Community and its Water and Sanitation (EEASM) project are continuing work on the renovation of the public drinking water system. For pavement installations at Morne Valois (Accreditation roundabout) and Cripple Gate: work will be carried out overnight from 10 October 2014 on 18, from 4 hours to XNUMX hours morning. Please note that some ...
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Driving license Saint-Martin
Driving license Saint-Martin - 2014-09-30
Available in November At the end of September, Mr. Louis Fleming, Territorial Councilor in charge of Transport, and Mr. Jean Arnell, co-manager of Computech, traveled to Finland to meet with the Finnish company Gemalto, partner of Computech For the production of the new Saint-Martin driver's license. The aim of this trip to Europe was to finalize the latest decisions and validate the specifications of the new license (Plan Assurance ...
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Work on the r
Work on the r - 2014-09-15
A deviation will be established The Saint-Martin Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) is continuing work on the drinking water system between Cripple Gate and the Agrément roundabout. The first part of the works at Cripple Gate has been completed, the second part will now take place at night. A new phase of work will begin on Wednesday 17 September 2014 from 7 hours, between the roundabout of Agrément and Morne Valois, where ...
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D - 2014-09-09
Sunday 14 September 2014 The Community of Saint-Martin and the Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM) inform the population that work will be carried out on the sewage network, this Sunday 14 September 2014, between 6 hours to 18 hours, Level of the crossroads of the Rue de la République and the Boulevard de France (in front of La Vie en Rose). This work will lead to the closing of the crossroads and the implementation of a diversion by the Rue de la Liberté for motorists arriving from Rue de la Liberté.
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Interruption of road traffic on rue de Hollande
Interruption of road traffic on rue de Hollande - 2014-08-25
Works on the sewerage network Works on the sewerage network: interruption of road traffic Rue de Hollande The President of the Territorial Council of Saint-Martin, Mrs. Aline Hanson, and Mr. Louis Fleming, President of the Water and Sanitation Plant of Saint-Martin (EEASM), inform you that in the context of the sanitation rehabilitation program initiated by the Collectivité de Saint-Martin, the rue de Hollande will be closed at the intersection ...
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