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We love the canteen
We love the canteen
We like the canteen The lunch break should be for all students the opportunity to regain energy before the afternoon classes but also to have a pleasant time with friends.
The Community, in this objective, has built the central kitchen, where 17 cooks prepare 4100 daily meals. This state-of-the-art kitchen has received its European sanitary approval - a first in Saint-Martin - a specification of nearly 500 pages, which the staff is bound to respect to the letter.
Healthy conditions are draconian, menus are prepared by a dietician and the food plan set up offers varied and balanced meals: less than 15% fat in meat, poultry fed a 100% vegetable diet, no more than Four fried products on twenty meals, portions corresponding to the needs of each age ...
Everything is planned to promote the health of our children and the fight against obesity is a priority, with a regular inscription of fruits and vegetables on the menu, even if they are often shunned by young guests. The price of the ticket, 3 € in the primary and 4,5 € in the secondary, does not cover the cost of production and the Community subsidizes the difference. Rosette Gumbs-Lake, 4th Vice-President and President of the Territorial School Works Board, which manages school catering, encourages all young people to lunch in the canteen, especially the Mont-de-Chaîne students and high school students, too few Many to attend their new school restaurant, yet very welcoming.
The elected member visited all the mess rooms before the re-entry and gathered the staff's comments on what the children liked or disliked. "They love meatballs and spaghetti, but they can not be used every day!" She exclaimed, adding that she would go and see with the kitchen team if she Would not be possible to better accept the vegetables, in the form of gratin for example. "The canteen is also the way to discover new tastes, different from those used at home, and to open one's mind to difference," she told us. It should be noted that primary schoolchildren not enrolled in the canteen must be cared for by their parents between 11h30 and 13h and that the extracurricular activities set up this year also take place during the meridian break. So there are only good reasons for lunch in the canteen, healthily, cheerfully and economically!

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