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The Division of Economic development/affairs

The Division of Economic development/affairs

- The Economic Development Pole is led by Vice President Yawo Nyuiadzi. It is located at the Port of Galisbay building and consists of 4 directions.

• Directorate of Strategy and Economic Interventions
• Tourism Directorate
• Digital and Audiovisual Directorate
• Rural Development and Sea Directorate

Port of Galisbay

Economic Strategy and Intervention Directorate

Tourism Directorate

Director: Stéphanie Bessière
Tel: 0590 29 56 15

Directorate of Digital and Audiovisual

Director: Jean-Pierre Razin
Tel: 0590 29 56 17

Directorate for Rural Development and the Sea

Responsible: Elie Touzet
Tel: 0590 29 56 21

Project Manager at the DGA
Laurent Fuentes


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