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Press Briefing
The President by Interim Guillaume Arnell received the press on Friday 09 October 2015 during the Internal Security Days in Marigot to present to the population the Territorial Information Document on Major Hazards (DITRIM) carried out by the Community of Saint-Martin. This preventive document is accompanied by a small booklet covering the prevention and relief measures to be observed, which will be distributed to 40000 copies.

As a preamble to his remarks, President Arnell pointed out that this initiative of the Collectivity was part of the respect for the right to preventive information of the citizen initiated at national level. It is with this precise perspective that the Cell of Major Risk Management of the Collectivity, represented by the territorial adviser Louis Fleming, and animated by the service manager Charlotte Terrac, has elaborated the Document of Territorial Information on the Major RISks ( DITRIM) in French and English, and its fascicle of prevention and relief measures. An initiative particularly supported by President Aline Hanson, anxious to prevent and protect the population.

As Mr. Arnell also mentioned in the media, "This document is intended to inform the inhabitants of Saint-Martin on the natural and technological risks to which they are subjected and the prevention, protection and safeguard measures These risks ".

Friday morning, 265 fascicules were distributed, including 135 to school children. The booklets were given to the teachers of the schools present for a pedagogical supplement in class before the distribution of the support to the pupils.

Civil security, in general, is responsible for the prevention of risks of all kinds, information and warning of populations, as well as the protection of people, property and the environment. This annual meeting of security meetings is therefore the perfect place to launch the distribution of the very first booklets upstream of a much wider dissemination to the Saint Martin population by the month of November. It will then be possible to find the fascicle (Fr / An) in all the local institutions and in the strategic locations of Saint-Martin.

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