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First Council ex
First Council ex
The first Executive Council of the Year was held on Wednesday, January 10 2018, at the community hotel. The President and 5 advisors were present at the table and deliberated on ten items on the agenda.
Partnership signed between the Food Bank of Guadeloupe and the community of Saint-Martin
Among the deliberations approved this January 10, the councilors unanimously approved the terms of a partnership agreement between the Food Bank of Guadeloupe and the community. In fact, following the hurricane Irma, the food bank of Guadeloupe was immediately committed to provide food aid to the victims of St. Martin. This agreement formalises this partnership over several months, and describes the respective and mutual commitments of both parties. For example, the food bank was responsible for transporting dry goods only to the port of Galisbay, in accordance with the hygiene rules in force, and the community distributed them to needy people headed by a social worker or according to the procedures defined by the decision-making bodies.
In order to promote initiatives aimed at helping its citizens in difficulty or in precarious situations, the Saint-Martin Collective wished to give its full support to the Food Bank of Guadeloupe by signing this agreement and its annexed 5 in the interest of Saint-Martin families hit hard by Hurricane Irma.
An agreement with the Ministry of the Armed Forces for the organization of Defense and Citizenship Days
The Executive Council also voted unanimously to renew the agreement between the community of Saint-Martin and the National Service Center as part of the Defense and Citizenship Days. This agreement is signed with the Ministry of the Armed Forces. The community is committed to providing logistical support (premises, meals, equipment) to the organization of Defense and Citizenship Days in the community.
Student mobility aid after the passage of Irma: 644000 € allocated funds, 248 student beneficiaries
The Tertiary Tertiary Scholarship is a community financial aid granted to students on the basis of resources. Following Hurricane Irma, the community decided to temporarily suspend the usual scholarship award rules and replace it for the 2017-2018 school and university year with the implementation of two flagship actions:
The allocation of financial assistance to high school students who had to leave the territory temporarily due to the hurricane
Raising the amounts of the territorial scholarship for higher education.
These schemes constitute an aid for the benefit of the Saint-Martinois who respect the conditions of eligibility continue their school curriculum or wish to continue or resume higher education within the European Union.
These schemes represent a global investment of 644000 € for the community, of which 85% is covered by the European Social Fund. 96600 € are the responsibility of the Collectivité. For now, 248 students have subscribed to this device and benefit from this help.
High school students who wish to benefit from this exceptional support can contact the Human Development Department of the School Affairs Department: 0590 29 59 23 or the community standard at 0590 87 50 04.
22 November 2017 EC: Reimbursement of the bus card to families who have educated their children out of the territory
Reminder: It should be noted that by deliberation on Wednesday 22 November 2017, the Executive Council voted the deliberation committing the community to repay the school bus pass for the 2017-2018 school year to families who decided to send their children out of school. of the island, while they were enrolled in the schools of the territory and they had subscribed a bus card.
While these families affected by the disaster faced unforeseen expenses to send their children out of the country, the community decided to help them repay the "bus card" transportation costs by making an administrative transfer to people in the area. having made the request, for the school year 2017 / 2018 (in application of the deliberation CE 77-12-2014 of 8 July 2014).
For information, a bus card costs 140 € per year per child and 70 € for the 3e child. The children attending school in Saint-Martin during the year 2017-2018 using school transport are responsible for the bus card.

Message to tourism stakeholders
Message to tourism stakeholders - 2017-09-14
International Communication - President Daniel Gibbs - Saint-Martin The President of the Community of St. Martin, Mr. Daniel Gibbs, wants to make a point on the situation of its territory since the passage of Hurricane IRMA, 06 September 2017. The 1 phase of the post-cyclone organization, which consisted of managing the emergency in terms of caring for the wounded, sick or in distress and the evacuation of tourists. The...
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14 seven Pr
14 seven Pr - 2017-09-13
Message President Daniel Gibbs "First of all, my thoughts go to the entire population of Saint-Martin who has lost so much in the face of the strength of nature. Today, I want you all to know that I keep watching, every moment, what we put (elected as technicians) all our energy to raise St. Martin; to make it even stronger and even more beautiful. I know some of you have been hard hit, but ...
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Meeting with Deputy Attorney Ohayon
Meeting with Deputy Attorney Ohayon - 2015-10-02
The 1er Vice President Guillaume Arnell received in Collectivity on Tuesday 29 September 2015, Deputy Attorney Michael Ohayon, who took office in St. Martin. This courtesy meeting was an occasion for the Vice-President of the 1er to present to the Vice-Prosecutor a brief summary of the history of our territory, to recall the many specificities of overseas collectivity and the missions of the " a territorial institution that cumulates several ...
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Dating from La Poste
Dating from La Poste - 2015-06-16
The 1er vice-president Guillaume Arnell received in Collectivity on Tuesday 16 June 2015, the executive director of the Post overseas, Pascale Scoarnec, and the regional director Michèle Paolini. The purpose of this courtesy visit: To inform the Collectivité of the projects of the banking establishment in Saint-Martin and to discuss the implementation of a Collective / La Poste partnership agreement to improve addressing. Pascale Scoarnec first introduced ...
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Passport stamp
Passport stamp - 2015-02-28
Accessible on the Internet The Collectivité de Saint-Martin's passport service informs the population that since Monday 02 on March 2015, the government has launched the website of sale of online tax stamps for passports. The citizens of Saint-Martin are benefiting from this measure of administrative simplification. To obtain their electronic tax stamps, the citizens must connect to the website:, follow the instructions and make their payment by ...
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COM meets Semsamar management
COM meets Semsamar management - 2015-01-11
President Aline Hanson received the Director of Semsamar Marie-Paule Bélénus-Romana, her communications director Pierre Fabri and the new Secretary General of the Semsamar, Auguste Arconte, on 05 January 2015 in Collectivité, in order to receive the traditional ones good-year vows of the mixed economy society; a friendly meeting, which was also an opportunity to discuss current issues. As tradition has it, Marie-Paule Belenus-Romana ...
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The Community
The Community - 2014-12-17
Accompanying its export companies The Community of Saint Martin, represented by the President of the Territorial Council, Aline Hanson, signed on Tuesday 16 December 2014 a convention of economic partnership with the state, represented by Prefect Philippe Chopin, CCISM, represented by its President Jean Arnell, and the public agencies AFD, BPIFrance, UBIFrance and the CCE. In keeping with the dynamics of the National Pact for ...
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