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Screening of the film by Jeunesse Soualiga
Screening of the film by Jeunesse Soualiga
Commissioned by the CLSPD, the Local Council for Security and the Prevention of Crime, the film The Choice of a Life, realized by the association Youth Soualiga, was presented this evening in a cinema full to bursting. Many young people had made the trip at the invitation of the association Youth Soualiga making this event a great success.
Community President Daniel Gibbs welcomed the partnership work undertaken within the CLSPD to raise awareness among local youth of the risks associated with delinquency. He encouraged the many young people in the room to be masters of their lives by making the right choices, not to mention sending a message to parents whose educational role remains decisive. At her side, the prefect Anne Laubies, who warmly welcomed the involvement of Jeunesse Soualiga, the 1 Vice-President Valérie Damaseau, in charge of Youth, 3 Vice-President Annick Pétrus in charge of education, and Several elected members of the Territorial Council, who came to support the presentation.
The members of Youth Soualiga were ovated for this collective and preventive realization which will be presented as of September in the different quarters of the island and in school environment.

Introductory speech by the President Daniel Gibbes: Presentation of the film CLSPD / Soualiga Jeunesse

(To be adjusted according to present)
-Madame, the prefect, delegate to the communities of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy,
-Members of the Vice-Presidents and Territorial Advisers,
"The representative of the prosecution,
- Mr. President of the association Youth Soualiga,
-Members and representatives of partner associations,
- Ladies and gentlemen in your grades and qualities,

Good evening everyone,
After a long period of gestation and thanks to the hard work of our partners, we are gathered at the Cultural Center of Saint-Martin - a symbolic place of youth and culture - to present the short film entitled "Le Choix Of a lifetime ".
This film was born of the collective commitments for prevention against violence, taken within the Local Council for Security and Prevention of Crime - the CLSPD.
It was conceived and written by the members of the association Youth Soualiga to whom the CLSPD has entrusted this project.
We are therefore pleased to present it to you this evening, because this short film is now a concrete tool in our hands that will enable us to sensitize the young people of this territory by exchanging directly with them and passing them a clear message on the risks Of delinquency.
In this regard, I welcome the involvement of the association Jeunesse Soualiga, through its president Jean-Marc Gervais, in which the members of the CLSPD have placed their trust in the realization of this preventive film.
I would add that the audiovisual cell of the community contributed to the film by the technical means of our institution. This very natural participation also testifies to the broad spectrum of audiovisual communication which has the merit of being very direct to address the younger generation.
Chers amis,
The first actions of the CLSPD are beginning to bear fruit. We can be proud of this awareness-raising campaign on gun violence, which is a real scourge of our modern societies and which is the central theme of this short film.
I recall that the actions that have been defined in the CLSPD strategy are organized around three main themes:
-The prevention of recidivism
- Preventing violence and helping victims
-Securing safe areas for public safety

The prevention campaign will begin in September in the very neighborhoods where this event will be broadcast.
This action will also be relayed through our institutional partners, and through a media campaign.
Allow me at this moment to greet the accompaniment of the media, which help us to promote our actions, and which are a valuable relay to the population in this field.
The association Jeunesse Soualiga has the mission to meet young people in schools, to make prevention in the neighborhoods to discuss the risks of the use of arms, and also to make parents aware of their educational role.

As the president of the community, I can only encourage parents to become involved in education, to pass on to their children the fundamental values ​​that will enable them to become serene and responsible adults.

This film will make its pedagogical path through our partners: National Education, Teen House, Service Clubs and District Councils, which will help carry the message, with the support of the Gendarmerie, the territorial police, and Field associations.
I thank them all on behalf of the community.
It is a very encouraging initiative, so thank you to the members of the CLSPD, the representatives of the state, the public prosecutor, and of course the community services, Hénoc Patrick and Jocelyn Jermin of CLSPD, for the work accomplished .
It is time to discover this short film. I see that there are many young people in the room, and I am very happy to be very attentive to the message that Youth Soualiga transmits to us through "The Choice of a Life", a very revealing title.
Good projection, and thank you for your attention.

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Training Territorial Police Officers
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President Aline Hanson received on Monday 11 July 2016, ten territorial policemen who had just completed their pre-arming training (FPA). Since 2015, the community of Saint-Martin has inflated the ranks of its territorial police, increasing its workforce from 22 to 32 policemen. This initiative is part of the professionalization of territorial agents with the aim of strengthening the means of prevention on the territory. Delivered by the delegation ...
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Meeting SNSM and Vice-Admiral Niogret
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President Aline Hanson received in college on Thursday 24 March 2016 Vice-Admiral Thierry Niogret, Inspector General of 70 stations of the National Society of Rescue in the Sea of ​​the North Sea, Channel and Overseas . This courtesy visit took place in the presence of René-Jean Duret, in his capacity as President of the SNSM and Jean-Claude Van Rymenant, Vice-President. Having come to meet the men and women of the SNSM of the West Indies, Vice-Admiral Thierry ...
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Guillaume Arnell advocates stronger justice
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Thursday 22 January 2015 "On Thursday 22 January 2015, I spoke in the general discussion on the bill on the modernization and simplification of the law and procedures in the fields of justice and home affairs. On the sidelines of this speech, I spoke with the counselors of the Garde-des-Sceaux, Madame Christiane Taubira, about the difficulties of justice in Saint-Martin. This intervention was an opportunity for me to appreciate ...
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Towards a stronger partnership
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