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Census of the population
Census of the population
Census of Population, 16 January to 22 February 2014!

Census of Population, 16 January to 22 February 2014!

The Community Population Census Service, led by Mademoiselle Rosette Parotte, launches its annual population survey of Saint Martin, which will take place from 16 January to 22 February 2014. Starting on Thursday, 16 January, the enumerators will visit the inhabitants selected in this new campaign, in order to list the number of people per domicile. The Collectivité territoriale de Saint-Martin asks you to give them the best welcome.
The census of population is a mandatory procedure for the departments and communities; So each year a team of enumerators trained by the Census of the Community department and a supervisor of INSEE come to your home to help you with the help of the census form, which will then make it possible to establish with precision the number of " Residents living on our territory. And if the census makes it possible to determine the official population of each commune or community, it is also the guarantee for a territory to obtain a certain number of means and services (participation of the state in the budget of the communities, , Number of hospitals, pharmacies, college, schools and crèches, housing, but also public policy adjustment, etc.), knowing that it is also very useful for companies that can thus know the number of Their potential clients, but also the characteristics of the workforce. The participation of everyone in the census is not only a necessity but also a civic duty, as the census is a valuable tool for better serving the population.
Mrs. Aline Hanson, President of the Territorial Council, sent a letter to each person selected for this new census campaign, reminding him of the need for the census, and asking him to welcome the enumerators, who will start their task soon On Thursday 16 next January. They will be provided with an official card which they must present to each household; The enumerator will also help you fill out the questionnaire about your dwelling and the people who live there. Your answers will remain confidential, they will be handed over to the INSEE who will use them to establish strictly anonymous statistics, in accordance with the laws that protect your privacy.
As Rosette Parotte explains, "In our territory, the census is carried out by cycles of rotation, so this new census campaign marks the start of the 3e cycle which will take place on 5 years. The sampling work is distributed by islands, which makes it possible to identify dwellings in all the neighborhoods of the island, from Terres-Basses to Oyster-Pond. A selection was made upstream and each person surveyed will receive a letter from President Aline Hanson announcing the arrival of enumerators and explaining the conduct and purpose of this 2014 census survey ".
The local authority of St Martin therefore asks you to give a warm welcome to these community agents in charge of the census. The Census service remains at your disposal, if you have any questions, you can contact Rosette Parotte at the 06 90 88 21 45. To find out more about the census in France, you can consult the website:

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